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Useful Job Hunting Tips

Hunting for jobs nowadays is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams. The Curriculum Vitae The CV is the first, and at most times the most important part of applying for a job. Since […] Read more

Jobs Available Online

In the past, applying for a job meant looking through the classified ads in the local paper. The advent of the internet has created various job sites online making it easier for someone to apply for work in another state and in even in another country. It has made the world a smaller place with […] Read more

Public-private Partnership in Education Needed in India

The Asian Development Bank noted in January 2008 that education in India was lagging seriously behind its rapid economic growth with only 12,000 training and vocational institutes, compared to half a million in China.  Short-term turbulences aside (just as we are witnessing now), India has entered an era of high economic growth. As we enter Read more

Fiberglass Doors Vs. Wood Doors- Which Are Better?

Fiberglass doors and fiberglass frames are much more desirable than wood doors or frames for multiple reason. For one, Fiberglass is fire resistant up to 90 degrees, Wood practically burns to ash almost instantly. Fiber glass doors and windows are also highly preferred in chemical and water plants because of their sheer strength and durability. Read more

How to Land a Job in Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical companies always look for exceptional sales people to represent them. A college degree, a strong work ethic, and good communication skills, both verbal and written, are some of the pre-requisites for a pharmaceutical sales representative. There are around 85,000 pharmaceutical sales reps in the United States. In this brief article, Read more

Writing An Attractive Career Ad

A good number of people presume that preparing ads for a job opportunity is practically straightforward and after mentioning a only some specifics expected of the candidate, the post is all set to be advertised. It is imperative to bear in mind that several business relies extensively on its human resource to succeed and turn […] Read more

Chlorine Bleach is the Best Way to Kill Mold – Right? Wrong!

So there is some black mold in your basement, laundry room, bathroom or around that pesky damp spot in your ceiling. No problem, just grab some of that mold killer you bought at the local grocery store, spray the black stuff and in a few minutes it turns brown, then vanishes – voila! You have […] Read more

Need to find Staff? Search for CVs Online

If you have a position that needs filled or you want to look for additional staff so you can grow your business then the easiest and best way of doing this is by searching for CVs online. With the introduction of job boards, now recruiters and employers can take a proactive approach to finding staff. […] Read more

How the Public Education System Keeps Us Down

“How the Public Education System Keeps Us Down                 Alternative media is obviously crucial for us to inform ourselves but the most important tool for empowering ourselves is a solid grounding in critical and analytical thinking skills. There are several factors which have contributed to making us a citizenry so easily Read more

Professional Creative Slogan Service

Why Slogan? A strong slogan is the fingerprint of your business achievement. A slogan (a motto) is one of the most important communication tool in marketing which triggers the feelings and shows the product or brand’s claim and philosophy. Ad slogans have a major role in establishing of products and brands. You can perpetuate your […] Read more