Fact check!!

This is not your typical MLM opportunity. There are no typical leaders here – the kind who are here today and gone to another brand new opportunity tomorrow asking you to follow them so that THEY make money. We are all committed members and everyone here will achieve success.

Some complain why another has 5 active referrals while they have none. Another wonders if success is reserved for members of a particular country or region. Many fret that they got in ‘early’ but still have no active referrals. I think all of you actually know the answer to your own questions but let me spell it out – All sign ups are time stamped and people are placed accordingly. Don’t forget that there were 2 launches before the successful launch and some people did get it on earlier attempts. Remember also that BTC payments take anywhere from a few minutes to 2/3 hours to be verified so your entry does depend on when your contribution was confirmed.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a scam. If you join today, don’t start complaining tomorrow that you have not earned anything. It will take time, I can’t tell you how long – I am here for over a month and have 1 person in my downline. I have the sense that I am not too far from starting my earnings, but I don’t know for sure when that will be. Please be prepared to be patient knowing that this business will be here for decades, and not only will you make a better future for yourself but also help so many others.

Giftobit is about making it rewarding to lend a helping hand to those people in the world who are in real need. The power of bitcoin, the latent energy of thousands working on the same mission has been harnessed to create a movement like no other. You receive an education package in cryptocurrency AND a position in this unique self compunding matrix, repeated entries that create income for you over and over again – all that, from a ONE TIME contribution of 0.06BTC (about $40).

It is early days yet and we are all fortunate to be here before this explodes across the world. As we grow you’ll soon see how much good we will do for those people who need our help desperately. Charitable work is not just for the ultra rich, everyone of us can and will do our part. We will all make a difference in someone else’s life and will not even have to dip our hand in our pocket to do that. Giftobit is providing us the resources.

I hope you see the sheer brilliance of the concept and the integrity and transparency of the promoters of Giftobit. It is time to spread the word, talk to people use any media you like. Let us all unite as we build another income stream for ourselves AND put a smile on someone’s face.


Imagine if every person on the planet gave you $1.00. It wouldn’t be difficult for them and you would immediately become a billionaire. Now that sounds great but the question is. How could you possibly encourage them to do that? Well all brilliant ideas are simple, by becoming a member and by suppor…



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