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To be a successful crime reporter, you will need:

• A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or a related field (preferred), or a combination of education and/or experience including a strong track record of writing success

• At least one year of journalism experience is preferred, but at a minimum you’ll need a proven ability in reporting and writing and the ability to use a broad set of digital tools to tell stories and engage the audience

• Proven experience building, maintaining and engaging an active audience through blogging, social media and online comments

• The ability to work independently under deadline pressure and prioritize tasks appropriately

• Demonstrated reporting, writing and organizational skills

• Solid understanding of news writing, journalistic ethics and story structure

• Experience with search engine optimization (SEO) practices

• Comfort working in breaking news situations, including understanding the standards and philosophy of real-time news

• The demonstrated ability to capitalize on high-value topics by engaging audiences with frequency and urgency

• An understanding of the methods and tools used to deliver content across a variety of platforms such as a content management system, smartphones, and more

• An understanding of the imperatives of multiple platforms including print, mobile, and Internet

• A mastery of social media and digital interaction; experience using social media to source and promote content is highly preferred

• The ability to leverage relationships with sources to deliver content that differentiates the organization from its competitors.

• The drive and ability to work independently and remotely

• The ability to work a flexible schedule as needed

• The ability to travel on occasion and to come into the office for meetings or training as needed

In addition to these requirements, you should have strong computer skills and an understanding of the use of hardware, software, and cloud-based tools for direct-to-web production and engagement, including:

• Posting photographs and/or short videos to the web and other internal production systems

• Remote web reporting using laptops and smart phones

Though your schedule will generally be daytime hours, you’ll need to be flexible enough to start early so that you have stories posted before readers get in to their offices at 9 am, and may occasionally work weekends or nights to cover events or meetings.

The Role

As a crime reporter, you will be assigned to a geographic area to report and produce stories on high-value topics of interest to the community, particularly about local government. You’ll be focused on how the governments in your area are spending tax money, knowing who the decision-makers are and understanding their backgrounds, and generally digging in to ask questions and create a strong platform to help root out corruption. You will also attend and lend your talents to help cover high school football during football season to help increase penetration in your area.

The reality of news in the digital age is that it is instant. With a tech-savvy audience that engages daily news through multiple platforms, you will be tasked with leveraging social media and other platforms. It will be your mission to develop ideas and interesting ways to cover local topics, and then identify related stories to maintain interest. You’ll shoot video, take pictures, and quickly post copy that is compelling and accurate. In other words, you’ll be accountable for meeting audience demand for immediacy, depth and engagement, through real-time news and digital media interaction.

Specifically, you will:

• Gather information and write journalistically sound news elements for use in all existing and future media platforms; your stories should be balanced and factual, timely and topical, and well-sourced and contextually correct

• Learn and employ all techniques for effective digital “beat-blogging” and reporting across all platforms

• Frequently and incrementally post throughout the day

• Engage in story aggregation and topical link-posting

• Monitor and engage in reader comment streams; elevate comments into new posts when appropriate

• Interact on social media platforms via story shares, objective commentary, topic promotion and Advance Ohio’s content initiatives

• Effectively employ various means of monitoring audience interest and competitors posting on your topic, including setting up Google alerts, Twitter and RSS feeds

• Maintain operational communication with your managing producer

• Learn and understand audience traffic-tracking systems and analytical reports

• Build and maintain relationships with other reporters, and work as a team when required

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