Editorial Intern – Harvard Business Publishing – Brighton, MA

Harvard Business Review is an innovative publisher looking for a smart, creative, and curious intern to work on HBR’s digital and social content. Our mission is to make companies better places to work, and our world a better place to live.

The editorial intern will take on a mix of longer-term, more challenging projects as well as daily assignments.

Projects may include:

*Curating content for HBR’s email newsletters;

*Writing and posting social copy;

*Editing digital articles and other content;

*Conducting research and organizing information for editors;

*Writing video scripts;

*Moderating comments;

*Scanning rss feeds and databases for new management research and the news for relevant stories;

*Performing competitive analysis and research

*Tracking performance metrics to help guide editorial thinking

To be successful, applicants must:

• be pursuing a graduate level degree;

• be an excellent writer and editor;

• love the Internet;

• believe that ideas have the power to change the world;

• have great interpersonal and communication skills;

• have an energetic and positive attitude, as well as a desire to learn;

• be a self-starter;

• and have demonstrated an interest in exploring a career in media.

You do not need a knowledge of business content, but you’ll get more out of this experience if you’re interested in any or all of these types of things: psychology; diversity; group dynamics; economics; income inequality; what makes companies succeed or fail; problem solving; personal productivity; environmental challenges; and the kind of leadership the world needs now.

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