Info Security Ops Analyst – UMB Financial Corporation – Kansas City, MO

We are hiring a Information Security Analyst for our 1008 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO location.

This role will assist with the implementation and monitoring of complex security projects in support of company business units while upholding and complying with established corporate policies and procedures.

  • Perform day-to-day security information event monitoring (SIEM), correlation and investigation of security events.
  • Review Vulnerability Assessment reports of all company devices.
  • Assist in the awareness and enforcement of company information security policies.
  • Provide consistent operational intelligence to the department through the use of industry information (web sites, RSS feeds, blogs, etc.), internal metrics, log reviews, and any other means deemed necessary.
  • Provide the first line of response to an incident using a predefined process and methodology.
  • Develop the processes and methodology for incident handling in conjunction with the other Information Security Groups, as well as provide training and yearly exercises for incident response.
  • Work with other groups to ensure base security metrics are being met.
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend new or improved information security software or devices.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the IT security industry, including awareness of new or revised security solutions, best practices, and the development of new attacks and threat vectors.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • 3 years experience in information security or information technology
  • Experience in 2 of these platforms: Networking, UNIX and/or MS Windows
  • Experience with IDS/IPS, SIEMs and other information security tools
  • Knowledge and understanding of detection, monitoring, analysis, resolution of security incidents and ability to participate in containment of reported incidents
  • Knowledge and understanding of reviewing raw log files, data correlation of events, and analysis
  • Knowledge and understanding of business needs, with the ability to establish and maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence in the team and individual
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively with peers, management and customers
  • Knowledge and understanding of automated security analysis, incident handling, remediation procedures, workflows and tasks
  • Firm understanding of various attacks, such as email phishing, SQLi, XSS, buffer overflow and data leakage
  • Demonstrates aptitude for troubleshooting technical problems
  • Demonstrates ability to react quickly and decisively in high stress situations
  • Understanding of packet analysis tools (tcpdump, Wireshark, Ngrep)
  • Familiarity with network security methodologies, tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Perform threat research, conduct forensic investigations and triage security incidents
  • Familiarity with regular expressions

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