Manager, Social Media Communications – American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.(AACR) – Philadelphia, PA

Job Category: Full-Time/Exempt

Department: Communications

Reports To: Director, Electronic Communications


Founded in 1907, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is the world’s first and largest professional association dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer by advancing cancer research. AACR membership includes more than 34,000 laboratory, translational and clinical researchers; population scientists; other health care professionals; and cancer advocates. The AACR is an international organization; about 30% of its members reside outside of the United States.

Over the years, the AACR has earned a reputation as the most prestigious scientific organization in the world dedicated to the conquest of cancer. The AACR brings together the world’s experts in all the cancer-related fields. Because of its broad scientific and clinical scope, it is the authoritative source and voice for cancer research. The AACR annually convenes more than 20 conferences and educational workshops, the largest of which is the AACR Annual Meeting with more than 19,000 attendees. In addition, the AACR publishes seven peer-reviewed scientific journals and a magazine for cancer survivors, patients and their caregivers.

The AACR’s cutting-edge scientific and clinical programs, meetings and publications promote interactions, collaborations, and relationship building about cancer throughout the world. Increasingly, the AACR influences the conduct of cancer research through the funding of outstanding basic science and clinical and translational research. The AACR also actively communicates with legislators and policymakers about the value of cancer research and related biomedical science in saving lives from cancer.

Position Summary:
This position works with AACR staff members across all departments to advance the Association’s mission by creating, preparing, distributing, and assessing the reach of communications with all relevant audiences across all relevant platforms.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation

Supports department directors in the development of the Association’s digital and social media strategy.

Implements the Association’s social media strategy across all AACR platforms.

Follows new developments and changes in social media platforms and best practices and recommends changes in tactics as needed.

Social Media Account Management

Works with AACR staff to identify relevant program content for sharing via social media.

Reviews internal and external sources to identify additional social media content.

Reviews and edits all social media messaging to ensure appropriateness for each platform and consistency with AACR editorial style.

Maintains an editorial calendar to coordinate messaging across all of the AACR’s social media platforms.

Supports the AACR’s participation in live Twitter chats by coordinating, drafting, and sending tweets on behalf of AACR spokespersons.

Serves as the owner of the AACR’s LinkedIn groups, supporting the group managers’ efforts to build and maintain communities.

Social Media Account Management

Maintains the AACR’s social media accounts and personas, including: Facebook (AACR, AACR Foundation, Cancer Today , National Cancer Research Month), Twitter (AACR, AACR Foundation, Cancer Today ), Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Periscope.

Uses the Oracle content management system, HootSuite, and other management tools to schedule posts for each account in accordance with departmental strategy.

Maintains the Association’s presence on all social media platforms, monitoring audience feedback on posts and responding as needed to facilitate audience engagement.

Monitors competitors’ content on social media platforms.

Supports the AACR’s crisis communications by monitoring social media conversations for mentions of the Association, notifying department directors about negative feedback, and assisting in the preparation and distribution of appropriate responses.

Audio and Video Distribution and Support

Posts videos to the AACR’s YouTube channel for distribution to all relevant audiences.

Posts audio and video podcasts, including press teleconferences and video interviews, to the AACR’s LibSyn accounts to facilitate distribution; tags content for delivery via the association’s RSS feeds and websites.

Supports the Association’s live-streaming efforts using Periscope, Skype, and other relevant platforms.

Social Media and Website Analytics

Uses the Oracle social media management system and other platforms to compile data on social media conversations for monthly reporting.

Uses Google Analytics to compile usage data for the [[| ]] website for monthly reporting and to fulfill data requests from various departments.

Works with the AACR Marketing staff and other departments to appropriately tag all campaigns and messages to facilitate collection of usage data.

Website Content Management

Posts news releases and other department content to the AACR website; edits department pages to ensure timeliness.

Proofreads news releases and other web content to ensure editorial quality prior to posting.

Serves as a backup to the Senior Manager, Website Communications in administering the content management system, reviewing new and modified pages in the CMS queue and approving them for posting.

Maintains the AACR’s RSS feed to facilitate syndication of press releases.

Optimizes photographs for display on the AACR website.

Meeting Support

Supports the Pressroom staff at AACR meetings as needed.

Supports webcast production for AACR meetings by assisting in the collection of permissions, conducting quality checks of captured presentations, and monitoring the user support account.

Provides production support for the AACR Annual Meeting Program and Proceedings.

Performs the essential functions of the position and other duties as may be assigned by the Director, Electronic Communications.

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Education and Training:
Four-year college degree.

Communications or public relations degree preferred.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum of 5 years’ experience working with social media platforms, website content management systems, and analytics tools.

Strong oral, written, presentation and interpersonal communications skills.

Flexibility and ability to handle multiple tasks with a minimum of oversight and supervision.

Experience working in healthcare and non-profit organizations a plus.

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