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Software Engineer, Growth


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New York, NY

Refinery29 is the fastest growing independent media platform for women in the US, covering topics ranging from beauty and global fashion to politics and breaking news. You may know us for our website, but did you know Refinery29 also has two iOS apps (ThisAM and AltMoji)? Did you know we’re on Amazon Echo, or that we built an enterprise-grade CMS used daily by 300+ staff editors and videographers? Did you know we host an annual celebration of art and technology (29 Rooms)?

Behind all of these things there’s a talented group of people: R29 Engineers.

The Growth Team at Refinery29 is responsible for broadening our audience and deepening engagement. Our tech stack includes PHP, MySQL, Redis, ReactJS, and Node. As a member of the Growth Team you will tackle internationalization, localization, translations at scale, personalization, cross-platform distribution (FB Instant Articles, Apple News, Google AMP, custom RSS feeds), SEO, content recommendations, and more.


  • Contribute to a modular, API-driven platform with good code coverage.
  • Provide thorough, constructive code reviews. Spot performance and/or reusability issues early.
  • Evaluate and proactively communicate risks to stakeholders within the department.
  • Assess potential distribution partners and/or third party tools and make recommendations.
  • Work with product managers, UX, and QA throughout the software development lifecycle.

You are independent and resourceful. When faced with an unfamiliar challenge you find documentation, dig deep into source code, and scour Stack Overflow until you figure it out. Bonus points if you’ve worked at a small tech startup (or on personal project) where you had to wear a lot of hats. You aren’t satisfied with just writing code that works. You care about writing code that is clean, efficient, and performant. You know what an “elegant” solution looks like and that’s something you strive for. You are a lifelong learner. Whether you attend meet-ups, listen to podcasts, read programming textbooks, or just follow prominent engineers on Twitter, you strive to stay current.

Things we think you’ll like:

  • Merge freezes around weekends and holidays to protect your non-working hours.
  • Weekly all-hands meetings where VPs of Product and Engineering answer your questions.
  • Opportunities to contribute to all parts of the stack, whether you consider yourself front-end, backend, or full-stack.

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