Technology Analyst – Intrexon Corporation. – West Palm Beach, FL


Monitor the leading edge of innovation in key areas of biotechnology.

Access proprietary biopharmaceutical databases for queries and downloads of key products, technologies, and personnel information.

Exhibit essential report data via data mining of stock indices, RSS feeds, patents, and corporate reports.

Enter, edit, update, and annotate reports, literature and data in secure databases.

Facilitate scientific due diligence of prospective new internal and external technologies to help assess their readiness and fit, and the quality of key supporting data.

Prepare graphs, tables, charts and brief summary reports according to standardized formats and metrics; render presentations containing internal or external data.

Search and assess peer-reviewed scientific literature for high value content.

Support sales and marketing efforts.

Other duties as assigned.


B.S. or B.A. in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Systems Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology, or a related field with a demonstrated first-hand understanding of the underlying principles of synthetic biology.

Exposure to business and/or industrial biotechnology disciplines a plus.

Close knowledge of biotechnology industry culture and standard practices.

Experience with Excel, World, Endnote, PowerPoint, and RSS feed readers.

Previous database entry and/or management preferred.

Blend of scientific and business or informatics academic coursework preferred.

Record of academic and/or extracurricular leadership excellence.


Self-starter with ability to avidly and independently pursue assignments that are complex in nature, where outstanding zeal and intelligence are essential to resolve problems and drive actionable decisions.

Ability to internalize and then execute on the company’s mission and values with intense drive toward excellence.

Maintain highest degree of ethical standards and trustworthiness.

Effective organizational skills and implementation of group projects with a commitment to progress according to tight timelines.

Ability to think and adapt to a rapidly changing environment is essential.

Able to reach rational conclusions through processing of complex information.

Fosters innovation through creative solutions.

Successful with discerning communication in both oral and written forms.

Well organized and capable of clear communication through technology (i.e. Outlook, PowerPoint, and other programs used to create and distribute reports and key information.)

Up-to-date knowledge on industry current events.

Curiosity and continual thirst for new knowledge needed to thrive.

Maintain a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

Energized by accomplishments and excellence in the workplace.

Capable of high performance in independent work as well as in team setting.


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