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Tube Mill/Roll Form Operator

365 RSS

Houston, TX 77092

$12 an hour

  • Examine, inspect, and measure raw materials and finished products to verify conformance to specifications.
  • Adjust and correct machine set-ups to reduce thicknesses, reshape products, and eliminate product defects.
  • Direct and train other workers to change rolls, operate mill equipment, remove coils and cobbles, and band and load material.
  • Monitor machine cycles and mill operation to detect jamming and to ensure that products conform to specifications.
  • Signal and assist other workers to remove and position equipment, fill hoppers, and feed materials into machines.
  • Manipulate controls and observe dial indicators in order to monitor, adjust, and regulate speeds of machine mechanisms.
  • Thread or feed sheets or rods through rolling mechanisms, or start and control mechanisms that automatically feed steel into rollers.
  • Read rolling orders, blueprints, and mill schedules to determine setup specifications, work sequences, product dimensions, and installation procedures.
  • Set distance points between rolls, guides, meters, and stops, according to specifications.
  • Install equipment such as guides, guards, gears, cooling equipment, and rolls, using hand tools.
  • Position, align, and secure arbors, spindles, coils, mandrels, dies, and slitting knives.
  • Record mill production on schedule sheets.
  • Start operation of rolling and milling machines to flatten, temper, form, and reduce sheet metal sections and to produce steel strips.
  • Fill oil cups, adjust valves, and observe gauges to control flow of metal coolants and lubricants onto workpieces.
  • Calculate draft space and roll speed for each mill stand in order to plan rolling sequences and specified dimensions and tempers.
  • Activate shears and grinders to trim workpieces.
  • Disassemble sizing mills removed from rolling lines, and sort and store parts.
  • Select rolls, dies, roll stands, and chucks from data charts in order to form specified contours and to fabricate products.
  • Remove scratches and polish roll surfaces, using polishing stones and electric buffers.

Physical demands:
Standing 100% lifting 15% 40 Lbs. max. , push/pull 15%, reaching 15%, bending 15%, walking 40%

Protective equipment: hard hats, safety glasses, safety shoes, hearing protection, gloves as required

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 /hour

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Do you have experience working on Yoder Machines: 1 year
  • Do you have experience roll forming metal/steel coils?: 1 year
  • Do you have experience working on Thermal Tool High Frequency Welder: 1 year
  • Do you have experience working on Rafter Machines: 1 year

Required language:

Required license or certification:

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