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Seeking a professional website designer to provide recommendations, for both desktop and mobile devices, with the goal of providing a customer-centric user experience and consistently offers up-to-date information about court-provided services. In-house staff will be performing site administration and content update work, using their Content Management System (CMS) framework and hosting services, but require assistance designing a site that achieves these high-level goals and incorporates:

Website design best practices;

User-centered design;

Responsive design;

Navigational elements and graphics to replace outdated pictures and text

Support for the most recent versions of desktop and mobile browsers;

Quickest time possible to search for and navigate to information;

Enhanced search features;

Average loading time on a desktop computer of < 3 seconds/ 300 milliseconds, or 5-10 seconds on a mobile device provided the client is connected at a rate of 3G or better; and

Latest communication technology (e.g., eSubscription tools, alerts, RSS feeds, online event scheduling, social media, and live discussions)

Interactive maps, forms, and high definition pictures.

The Contractor will be required to research other court websites as well as best practices in website and mobile design and present recommendations to the Court. The Contractor will also design graphics to support the new website design and provide these to the Court. The Contractor will be responsible for design of the new site and will work with the Client technical staff to implement any style sheets into CMS templates.

As part of this project, the Client also seeks to standardize and document final decisions made as to all elements of design and the steps staff will take to keep the site innovative and up to date.

The Contractor will therefore be asked to review and comments on the Client’s Content Style Guide and Content Management Plan.

3+ years’ experience in:
Web graphic design, development, and planning

User-centric interface design

Website CMS, cascading style sheets (CSS), and web design templates

Responsive design techniques

Designing from a performance perspective

Multimedia design

Provide design and style sheet recommendations for a redesign of the Client Internet website, and work with the Client Department of Technical Services to translate the final products into CMS templates.


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