10 Job Descriptions for Remote Customer Service Jobs


10 Great Remote Customer Service Jobs

When you think about the types of jobs that can be done remotely, customer service is a top choice. Remote customer service jobs were some of the first positions to be done virtually, and it continues to be one of the largest categories.

If you call or email a customer service department today, there is a good possibility that whomever you’re speaking to is working remotely. Many companies are taking their customer service departments remote in order to save on overhead costs and provide flexibility to workers.

Below are brief job descriptions for remote customer service jobs you can find on FlexJobs. These jobs range in terms of subject matter, industry, and experience required, but they’re all remote positions, and they all deal with customer service careers.

Job Descriptions for Remote Customer Service Jobs

1. Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Bilingual skills can be highly sought after in the customer service industry. Many companies desire candidates with expertise in two or more languages to handle non-English speaking customers with questions, issues, and sales support.

2. Call Center Agent

Most call centers are open-office environments where agents are seated in cubicles to answer calls. Thanks to technology, remote call center agents can now work from their home office to provide assistance, process payments, answer questions, and more.

3. Customer Service Manager

This manager-level role will involve improving and implementing processes, handling escalated customer issues, managing a team of representatives, oversee hiring, etc. A few years of customer service experience, along with management experience, are typically required for a manager position.

4. Customer Service Scheduler

Customer service schedulers can work remotely to schedule meetings, appointments, travel, interviews, and more. The role may also include rescheduling and confirming appointments with customers.

5. Customer Success Specialist

A customer success specialist is responsible for taking care of customer questions and needs via phone, chat, email, or social media. Many of these roles only require a high school diploma or a year or two of experience. Similar job titles for this role include customer service rep, customer support associate, and customer service agent.

6. Customer Support Fraud Specialist

This specialized remote customer service job involves handing phone calls related to fraud prevention and suspicious transactions. Banks and financial companies often hire for these roles, and may require knowledge of banking and credit cards.

7. Inbound Customer Support

Inbound customer service positions handle incoming calls from customers. This type of representative will need to be prepared to help with all types of queries, such as troubleshooting issues, product questions, placing orders, and selling products.

8. Live Chat Agent

Live chat agents utilize the chat function of a website or social media platform to answer customer questions, set appointments, resolve problems, and more. This role will need fast typing skills and the ability to convey the proper tone and professionalism through writing.

9. Support Agent

Support agents typically help customers with technical issues. They may respond to support tickets, conduct testing, walk customers through troubleshooting, and answer questions. IT and software knowledge is often required for this role.

10. Travel Agent

While maybe not initially thought of as a customer service job, travel agents do primarily provide customer support. Some common duties include taking customer calls to book travel and reservations, answering questions, and identifying customer needs.

Be sure to check out the full job description for these customer service positions get a better sense of the opening. And if you’re actively looking for a customer service job, keep in mind that FlexJobs can help! We offer remote customer service jobs with top employers. Happy job searching!


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A version of this article was originally published on June 27, 2012.