12 Flexible Companies That Help Pay for Your Vacation [2019]


Flexible Companies That Help Pay for Your Vacation

It’s been commonly reported that Americans don’t take the majority of their allotted vacation time. Whether it’s due to an inability (real or perceived) to take time off, a lack of support from management, or a shortage of funds, many employees find themselves taking very few vacation days.

Not only that, but the U.S. is far behind other countries in the amount of vacation allotted. CNBC reported on Statista research that shows just how lacking U.S. vacation polices are. “A total of more than 30 days of vacation time allotted to workers in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom stands in stark contrast to the 10 public holidays in the U.S., which are not guaranteed to come with pay,” says the article.

However, there are some companies that are seeking to help workers take the time off they deserve, and even financially support much-needed trips. Both Glassdoor and Business Insider have compiled lists of companies that pay for your vacation. These companies offer stipends, discounts, and reimbursements to employees to help them take vacation and truly enjoy it.

We compared these lists to our own database of flexible companies. The 12 companies below currently have flexible openings or have offered opportunities in the past. This list can serve as a great way to find companies that pay for your vacation and offer you flexible work options to boot.

Here are 12 flexible companies that help pay for your vacation:

1. AFAR Media

AFAR Media is a travel media brand that seeks to inspire global travel. The company has a magazine, along with a website that features travel guides and articles. According to a blog post posted by the company, full-time employees receive 30 days of vacation time and a $2,000 stipend to encourage them to travel to new places.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb was established in 2008 as an online hospitality marketplace for hosts and travelers to connect. Airbnb features listings for homes, rooms for rent, villas, boutique hotels, and more. It has served thousands of people through its 2 million worldwide listings. Employees receive $2,000 worth of travel coupons each year.

3. BambooHR

BambooHR is an HR software solutions company that seeks to help companies move beyond spreadsheets. It offers software to help with applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time-off management, employee database, and more. Located in Lindon, Utah, the company has hired for part-time and remote jobs in the area. BambooHR offers employees what they call “paid paid vacation“—$2,000 each year to travel as you please.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp, founded in 1999, is the creator of a popular project management tool of the same name. The distributed company has 50 employees working across 32 cities. According to Business Insider, employees who have worked with the company for one year or more get to choose from 16 different paid vacation packages each year. These trips are valued at $4,000-$5,000 each.

5. Evernote

Evernote is an all-encompassing app that allows users to capture, organize, and share notes in one place. Links, tables, audio messages, and more can be included in each note. Evernote is located in Mountain View, California, and has offered freelance jobs in the past. The company offers employees unlimited vacation days and a $1,000 yearly vacation stipend.

6. Expedia

As a well-known travel booking site, Expedia has served clients in more than 60 countries worldwide. Users of the site can book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and even activities. As an employer, Expedia hires for freelance and telecommute positions. Employees of the company receive a travel reimbursement that ranges from $250-$750, depending on tenure. They also receive discounts on retail and travel packages purchased through the site.

7. FullContact

Another company that pays for your vacation, FullContact is a platform that helps businesses and individuals develop and maintain business relationships. It helps in the areas of identity resolution, contact management, profile enrichment, audience insights and development, fraud prevention, and customer care. FullContact provides $7,500 per year for employees to travel—and it’s required that they don’t work while on vacation!

8. Motley Fool

Motley Fool seeks to “make the world smarter, happier, and richer” through its business and investing advice. In addition to offering unlimited vacation time, the company also has a “Fool’s Errand” program where one employee’s name is drawn from a hat every month and awarded $1,500 towards a two-week vacation. The lucky winner has to take the trip before the next monthly meeting and is asked for no contact during their travels to ensure the ultimate in relaxation.

9. Moz

Moz is a software as a service (SaaS) company that develops software for inbound marketing, hosts vibrant communities of online marketers, and provides APIs for link data and social influence. The rundown of what Moz employees receive for vacation is: 21 days paid time off per year, seven days of sick leave, 10 paid holidays, and $3,000 per year vacation expense reimbursement.

10. Travelzoo

Travelzoo is a commerce site in business since 1998. It publishes travel deals from over 2,000 entertainment, travel, and local companies to an audience of 28 million members across the world. It also offers exclusive deals and rates to members who join the site. According to Glassdoor, employees of Travelzoo are offered a “$1,500 stipend and three extra days of PTO to ‘book a hotel stay, vacation package, cruise, or flight offer that we negotiate on behalf of our 28 million members worldwide,’ according to Michael Stitt, President of Travelzoo North America.”

11. TripAdvisor

As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor serves more than 350 million users monthly. Users can book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, and more. The site boasts a large database of user reviews to help customers make the right travel choices for their needs. As a company, TripAdvisor offers a travel reimbursement of $250 or more, depending on how long an employee has worked at the company. It also offers discounts on packages offered through the website.

12. United Airlines

Founded in 1926, United Airlines now hosts 4,500 flights every day to more than 335 airports on five continents. As one of the largest airlines in the world, United Airlines seeks to be an inclusive employer and was even named one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune magazine. The company offers discounted airline tickets and unlimited standby travel on any United flight to employees.

If you’re one of the 54% of Americans who don’t take all of their vacation time, finding a company that encourages mental well-being and time away from the desk is key. These 12 companies that pay for your vacation and have flexible job opportunities can provide a great starting point for your search for a better way to work and live.

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A version of this article was originally published on June 25, 2018.