12 Jobs That’ll Have You Trembling This Halloween


Flexible Scary Jobs for Halloween


Is looking for a job scaring you? Are you stuck in a dead-end role? If you feel like it can be terrifying trying to find the right position that meets both your work-life balance requirements and your job skills, we get it.

In celebration of Halloween, we dug up some of the best flexible frightening jobs in our database. From being a mysterious ghostwriter to working as a real-life threat hunter, the variety of spooky job choices on FlexJobs will send chills up your spine. So grab some Halloween candy and get ready to tremble with excitement over these Halloween-themed jobs!

12 Flexible Scary Jobs for Halloween

Content Creation Wizard

Wizards, warlocks, and witches, oh my! As a content creation wizard, you’ll take out your trusty writing “wand” to create compelling, SEO-focused website content for a variety of industries and topics. SEO understanding and WordPress experience required.

Fire Investigator

With thousands of jack-o’-lanterns burning bright on October 31, your biggest fear this Halloween is probably the fire hazard! While you may not be able to prevent a Halloween blaze, you can use your CFEI certification and Private Investigator license in this part-time, flexible, partially remote position investigating freaky fires.


What could be more spooky than a ghost…who writes! Put on your invisibility cloak as you work with authors to gather content and help them make plans for a non-fiction book. You’ll ghostwrite the first draft of the manuscript and provide updates to the production team. Must have written two non-fiction books to apply.

Global Digital Marketing Manager

While the job title may not creep you out, the position surely will! Requiring a passion for gothic horror fantasy, this role works with the Diablo franchise of a major gaming company to usher the game’s “minions of hell” into the social media era. For this job, the devil really is in the details!

Junior 2D Artist

Ready to indulge your love of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and mystery? Try not to freak yourself out as you complete blood-curdling character art for a mobile game and produce creepy props, background sketches, and promotional concept art. Photoshop proficiency and human anatomy expertise required.

Senior Security Operations Center Engineer – Threat Hunter

Everyone knows that criminals and kidnappers make threats, but so do cyber hackers! This job as a threat hunter will involve tracking malicious activity, finding unusual threats, escalating events, validating suspicious events, and providing incident response support.

Makeup Artist and On Camera Host

If you feel like there’s nothing more horrifying than an on-camera face sans makeup, then be prepared to help models and hosts go from ghoulish to gorgeous as a freelance makeup artist for online videos. Makeup experience required; professional beauty license preferred.

Midwest Criminal Justice Reporter

Your fascination with unsolved mysteries and crime can help you thrive as a real-life criminal justice reporter. In this role, you’ll report on the administration of justice across the Midwest and examine racial justice in the heartland.

RX Agent – LPN

Nothing too petrifying about working as a Licensed Practical Nurse until you work the graveyard shift. Nighttime lovers (and vampires!) will thrive in this 100% remote job where you’ll communicate with pharmacies, respond to members, support physicians, and review prescriptions from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. PST. Two years of experience and LPN required.

Senior Producer

Spooky self-publishing game studio, Ghost Story Games, needs you to drive the production process, provide reports, and communicate issues for their immersive, story-driven video games. Outstanding communication skills and in-house production experience required.

Tissue Regeneration Specialist, Surgical and Sports Medicine

Freddy Krueger could probably have benefited from tissue regeneration! This job involves selling wound care products to physicians and clinic and hospital staff to support surgical cases.

WordPress Support Superhero

If you’re ready to don your costume to fight the sinister forces that threaten to derail customers’ WordPress experiences, then you just may be the superhero this company is looking for. You’ll save the day by responding in forums, solving customer questions, and coordinating with developers. Must have excellent communication skills and familiarity with WordPress (and preferably a cape!).

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