12 Resume Titles That Helped FlexJobs Members Get Hired


Employer looking at resume titles that helped FlexJobs members get hired.

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Did that title get your attention? You can do the same to get the attention of employers by writing enticing and informative resume titles for your FlexJobs profiles.

When you create resume profiles on FlexJobs, you have the opportunity to write a title for each profile that you make. That title is often the first thing an employer will see when searching for candidates on FlexJobs or reviewing your profile after you submit an application. FlexJobs’ Senior Career Specialist and Career Coach Brie Reynolds weighed in on why your FlexJobs resume title is worth paying attention to:

“Your resume profile title on FlexJobs is a really important piece in your job search process, for a few reasons. For one, it’s one of the first things an employer will see about you when they’re searching candidate profiles. Two, it’s part of what gets scanned when an employer does keyword search, so for them to be able to find you, you’ll want to have a keyword-rich profile title. And three, it encourages you, the job seeker, to distill your job search message into one short sentence. If you can write about your best qualifications and the type of work you’re seeking in that short space, you can use that summary anywhere. It’s really helpful to be able to tell people who you are and what you have to offer in a succinct way.”

Below we’re analyzing 12 resume titles and headlines used by FlexJobs members who were hired in their fields. We’ll also offer tips on what you can do to make a successful resume headline for yourself.

12 Resume Titles and Headlines That Helped FlexJobs Members Get Hired

1. “IT Support Technician with Three Years’ Remote Experience”

  • Hired for a full-time, remote job with Starry
  • What’s great about this resume title: Mentions how many years of experience they have working remotely, which immediately tells an employer they know to collaborate and work well on their own.

2. “Writer and Creative Professional Seeking Project-Based Remote Work”

  • Hired for a part-time, freelance, 100% remote job
  • What’s great about this resume title: Candidate includes the specific type of flexible job they are seeking (project-based and remote) to target the right companies and roles.

3. “Savvy & Energetic Director with Robust Skills in ✔ Marketing ✔ PR ✔ IT ✔ Healthcare ✔ Administration”

  • Hired for a full-time, remote job with AmeriHealth Caritas
  • What’s great about this resume title: Areas of expertise are clearly identified, along with a great, unique descriptor of themselves.

4. “Call center representative with 15 years’ experience, specialty in clinical and IT field”

  • Hired for a part-time, 100% remote job with New Directions Behavioral Health
  • What’s great about this resume title: Mentions their expertise areas, which can help them stand out among other candidates that don’t have this speciality knowledge.

5. “Licensed FL Attorney and Experienced Educator Seeking Remote Work”

  • Hired for a part-time, freelance, 100% remote job
  • What’s great about this resume title: Lists where they are licensed, helping to qualify them for the right positions, and clarifies their desire for remote work.

6. “Bilingual, dedicated, and proactive with experience in visual communication, office clerk, and CS.

  • Hired for remote transcriber position at GMR Transcription
  • What’s great about this resume title: Bilingual candidates can be very sought-after. Also mentions two great soft skill descriptors.

7. “Customer Service Champion/Technical Support Guru open to new and exciting opportunities”

  • What’s great about this resume title: Uses unique nouns to describe themselves (champion and guru) and show expertise.

8. “Technical Copywriter with a passion for learning, collaboration, and educating others”

  • Hired for a full-time, remote job with Arielle Executive
  • What’s great about this resume title: Uses the word “passion” as a strong indicator of their commitment to the job, and lists great examples of skills that hiring managers may look for in a copywriter.

9. “Right-Hand Woman/Excellent and Proficient in Administration”

  • Hired as a freelance, part-time, partial remote job with C. David Mee Law Firm
  • What’s great about this resume title: Gets the point across quickly that the candidate is a reliable and helpful assistant and can act as an employer’s right-hand woman.

10. “Comprehensive Scientific Background, Quick to Learn, Active Researcher in Wildlife Biology”

  • Hired for a freelance, 100% remote job at BKA Content
  • What’s great about this resume title: A quick hit list of their areas of expertise and skills makes it clear what the candidate is capable of doing.

11. “CPA, public and private experience, family accounting experience – also open to new opportunities”

  • Hired for a part-time, 100% remote job
  • What’s great about this resume title: Mentions their specific areas of experience, while also letting recruiters know they are open to other options in order to not pigeonhole themselves into particular roles.

12. “C Suite Leader Seeking an Additional Flexible Opportunity”

  • Hired for a freelance, 100% remote job with VIPKID
  • What’s great about this resume title: Starts off with an impressive fact and makes it clear that they are seeking a side gig.

Crafting a Strong Resume Headline: 5 Tips

Think about the resume title you choose from a recruiter’s perspective.

Recruiters scroll through our job seeker profiles, scanning resume titles and looking for people who fit their needs. If you were a recruiter, what would you most like to read? What would grab your attention and make you want to open that person’s profile over another job seeker’s?

“A good resume title is specific to your particular skill set and what you have to offer. If the title or resume headline you use is generic enough that it could be about anyone, it’s not going to stand out to a hiring manager,” said Reynolds.

Don’t state that you’re looking for a job.

An employer who finds your resume profile on FlexJobs will know you’re a job seeker. There’s no need to waste valuable real estate in your profile title to state this obvious fact. Said Reynolds: “A lot of people will write something like, ‘Experienced manager seeking a remote job.’ But a lot of people can say the exact same thing about themselves. A better version might be, ‘Experienced remote manager who builds productive, goal-surpassing teams.’”

Write about the most important things first.

Think about the most important parts of your qualifications—the things that you would want an employer to know right off the bat. These might include:

  • The number of years of experience you have in the field.
  • Any certifications or particular educational requirements you have obtained.
  • Any special skills you possess that make you uniquely qualified.
  • A display of your passion for this line of work.
  • The specific industry or topic of your expertise.
  • Your previous remote or flexible work experience.
  • The keywords an employer would search for when they try to locate candidate resumes for a particular job.

Look to the job description for clues.

Almost all job descriptions will have a “Requirements” section, and that is a great place to start if you’re wondering what to put in your resume title. Of course, you’ll probably be applying to many different but related jobs with this one resume profile, so it’s important not to be too specific that your profile title no longer makes sense. Look at the requirements for a variety of jobs you’d like to apply for, and build a resume profile title that includes the most important requirements from each.

Take advantage of multiple resume profiles.

With FlexJobs, you have the ability to create unlimited resume profiles. Therefore, there’s no need to try to build one resume profile or write one profile title that fits every position you want to apply for. Break your job search up into different types of positions, and then create a new resume profile for each. It may take a little extra time upfront, but having a more tailored, focused resume title and overall profile will make you stand out as a job seeker.

Utilizing FlexJobs’ resume profile option can be a great way to lead recruiters directly to you. Use tips from these 12 resume headlines from successful FlexJobs members to help you create a profile that shines.

If you’re looking to boost your resume’s outlook, our career coaches can help! Schedule a personalized, one-on-one appointment with a FlexJobs career coach today!


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