13 Flexible Summer Jobs That Are Hiring Now


13 Flexible Summer Jobs That Are Hiring Now!

Whether you’re a college student, recent graduate, or professional at any stage of your career, a flexible summer job can be a great option for boosting your income with seasonal employment.

Summer jobs are often sought by college students, but they’re also a good option for career professionals. Like side gigs or general freelance work, flexible summer jobs can help people earn additional income, gain experience, and add interesting points to their resume or professional portfolio.

About the Flexible Summer Jobs on This List

These flexible summer jobs were all actively open and hiring as of May 21, 2019. The jobs below are all seasonal, 100% remote jobs that may offer other flexible work options as well, such as part-time schedules and flexible hours, and employee or freelance work.

These jobs vary in their requirements, so be sure to read the entire job listing. We’ve also included PayScale’s estimated pay range, with some roles paying up to $63/hour.

These 13 Flexible Summer Jobs Are Hiring Now!

Account Manager

PayScale pay range estimate: $12.49–$25.42

A part-time, seasonal role performing account management duties, onboarding clients, establishing client accounts, troubleshooting technical problems, answering questions, and more. You’ll work 100% remotely in this job.

Bilingual Tax Advisor – CPA

PayScale pay range estimate: $18.02–$52.71

Working virtually, the bilingual English/Spanish tax advisor will help clients with tax advice, including return preparation, product/software inquiries, and tax calculations.

Call Center Agent, Reservations and Licensing Sales

PayScale pay range estimate: $9.69–$17.16

This work-from-home job will assist customers over the phone, attend virtual training sessions, and perform light troubleshooting. Customer service skills and basic typing skills are needed.

Consumer Support Specialist

PayScale pay range estimate: $9.76–$18.72

This temporary, remote summer job involves assisting customers with purchases, reservations, and questions. A high school diploma and good computer and communication skills are required.

Environmental and Natural Resources Economics Faculty

PayScale pay range estimate: $16.64–$63.59

This adjunct faculty position will teach environmental management online. Requirements include a terminal degree in microeconomics and experience and expertise in the taught field or a closely related subject.

Income Tax Prep and Customer Service

PayScale pay range estimate: $9.07–$24.44

Duties for this seasonal, remote role include taking calls from taxpayers with questions and calling clients to go over summaries of their refunds after a return has submitted. Experience is required.

Law School Curriculum Writer

PayScale pay range estimate: $15.29–$50.39

A law school curriculum writer is need for four weeks over the summer to create two to four hours of curriculum content four days a week. You’ll need experience working at or attending a law school.

Learning Delivery Facilitator

PayScale pay range estimate: $10.92–$28.29

The learning delivery facilitator will facilitate live training sessions in a virtual environment, track and analyze the performance of agents, and follow up with agents via written correspondence or the phone. This seasonal job has a part-time schedule and works remotely.

Math Tutor

PayScale pay range estimate: $9.95–$40.03

A part-time math tutor is needed to work remotely during the summer to virtually teach high school students. You will also seek guidance from chat advisors and perform other duties as needed.

QA Analyst

PayScale pay range estimate: $13.49–$32.92

Ensuring hardware and software solutions deliver a high-quality end-to-end customer experience is the main task of the QA analyst. A bachelor’s degree and three years of experience are required.

Salesforce Professional

PayScale pay range estimate: $19.27–$62.92

A seasonal, remote Salesforce professional will work on projects, learn and grow their skill set and experience, and work with multiple client projects.


PayScale pay range estimate: $10.02–$34.12

Candidates with an active teaching license are needed to evaluate learning tools, provide details related to learning environments, review/create content, and more.

Teaching Assistant in Science

PayScale pay range estimate: $9.16–$17.69

The remote teaching assistant will analyze student activity, assist in managing student communications, and grade assignments. A master’s degree in a related field is required.

Don’t forget that seasonal, remote work is available year round. Using FlexJobs to find flexible summer jobs can put you on the path to earning great income and enjoying a job that works for you and your schedule.


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