15 Companies with Remote Editing Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere


15 Companies with Remote Editing Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere

Editing is a job category that lends itself perfectly to remote work. Most editorial work requires just a computer, Internet access, and a quiet place to work.

Read on to learn more about 15 companies with remote editing jobs you can do from anywhere!

Editing is a broad career classification that can include job titles such as quality assurance evaluator, book reviewer, content editor, writer, proofreader, editorial assistant, and copy editor.

The one thing all editing jobs have in common is the dedication to making content better. Whether a website, training manual, book, corporate publication, journal article, or legal document, all editors help make content clear, logical, and organized.

Remote editing jobs are very popular for people seeking work-life balance because the “where” and “when” of completing work is not usually dictated by the employer. With today’s technology, many employers offer remote editing jobs.

Here are 15 companies with remote editing jobs you can do from anywhere:

(The companies on this list may or may not currently have jobs, but click on a company name to get an idea of the kind of jobs it might hire for in the future.) 

1. Animalz

Animalz is a content marketing agency that has provided high-end content marketing solutions for business-to-business, crypto, technology, and SaaS companies since 2015. The company has a distributed team that works from anywhere across the world.

Recent remote editing jobs:

2. Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications is a communication solutions provider that specializes in pharmaceutical and device companies, and academia. It offers a myriad of services, such as training, education, transcription, publication support, academic editing, and more. Editors who wish to work from anywhere can find many open positions with Cactus Communications, with most editing positions needing medical or science knowledge.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Editor – Environmental Science, Energy and Sustainability
  • Editor – Materials Science
  • Editor – Programming Languages and Operating Systems

3. Cambridge Proofreading Worldwide

Cambridge Proofreading Worldwide is an editing and proofreading service that focuses on five subject areas: medical sciences, social sciences, business and economics, life sciences, and engineering and physical sciences. Editors who work with Cambridge Proofreading Worldwide can expect to work on dissertations, research proposals, admissions papers, resumes, and more.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Academic Proofreaders and Editors – All Subjects

4. Checklist.com

Checklist.com is a free database of over a thousand checklists. Users of Checklist.com can access their lists via their computer or mobile application with the ability to synchronize between the two or print them off. Checklist.com hires for a variety of roles that can be done from anywhere.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • SEO Editor
  • Managing Editor
  • Online Editor in Chief

5. Edanz Group

As an editing company specializing in scientific research and international journal publication, Edanz Group employs skilled and certified editors with significant research experience. Started in 1995, the company supports clients from different scientific disciplines, including earth, medical, health, veterinary, and environmental science, as well as economics and engineering.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Medical Editor
  • Copy Editor

6. Enago

Providing editing services to English as a second language authors since 2005, Enago employs more than 850 editors worldwide. Since its founding, the company has edited over 600,000 manuscripts and helped over 2 million authors. Enago hires for work-from-anywhere editors to work on topics related to science, chemistry, engineering, physics, and more.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Editor – Medical and Clinical Sciences
  • Copy and Substantive Editor – Language and Linguistics
  • Proofreader – Chemistry

7. komoot

komoot is a technology-based application platform for iPhone and Android users to find hiking and biking routes and make recommendations. The app also offers turn-by-turn navigation and offline mapping. It has been recognized by both Apple and Google with achievement awards.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Free Outdoor Editor
  • Managing Editor – Sponsored Collections

8. Lecturio

Based in Germany, Lecturio is an e-learning platform geared toward students and institutions in the medical field. It provides online education services that aim to supplement medical learning and teaching, with curricula covering topics for pre-med and medical students.

Recent remote editing jobs:

9. SalesFolk

Established in 2014, SalesFolk focuses on creating cold emails for clients that can land them two to three times more qualified leads. It also offers other services, such as customer onboarding, marketing emails, up-selling emails, and more. SalesFolk hires for editing jobs you can do from anywhere on a freelance basis.

Recent remote editing jobs:

10. Scribbr

Scribbr is a writing and editing company that provides assistance to students. It offers editing services for student theses in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian. The company also offers content assistance, such as writing samples, tips and tricks, style guides, etc. Academic editors can find work-from-anywhere jobs with Scribbr.

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Academic Editor
  • Editor
  • Freelance Editor (Native English)

11. Scribendi

Scribendi is a Canada-based online proofreading and editing firm. It provides on-demand services “24 hours a day across all time zones,” and it has over 200 highly qualified and experienced editors skilled in medical, resume, business communication, ESL, and scientific editing.

Recent remote editing jobs:

12. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site and serves over 350 million monthly users. It covers hotels, restaurants, and attractions around the globe. Millions of travelers use TripAdvisor to plan vacations because of its honest reviews, free travel guides, low airfare, worldwide rental listings, and user-generated forums.

Recent remote editing jobs:

13. WebFX

As an Internet marketing agency, WebFX offers SEO and lead generation, reputation and brand management, content and analytics, social media and email marketing, and creative and UX website design services. WebFX has been named among the “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania” and the “Best Places to Work for Millennials.”

Recent remote editing jobs:

  • Copy Editor
  • Copy Writer, Editor

14. WFMT

WFMT is a public radio station and media organization dedicated to creating and presenting innovative radio and digital media content. Located in Chicago, Illinois, WFMT specializes in classical and fine arts music programs.

Recent remote editing jobs:

15. Wordvice

Founded in 2014, Wordvice is a writing and editing company that helps writers, students, researchers, scholars, and other professionals create clear and compelling narratives. It offers research and academic editing services, journal manuscript editing services, admission and scholarship essay editing for undergraduate and graduate institutions, and business proofreading and editing.

Recent remote editing jobs:

Finding Your Remote Editing Job

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Originally published June 28, 2016. Updated December 12, 2017 and June 18, 2018. 

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