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When you’re looking for a job, you may think there are only two choices when it comes to remote work: you either work remotely all the time, or you don’t work remotely at all. Fortunately, as flexible and remote work schedules have grown in popularity (and necessity!) over the last several months and years, it’s no longer an all or nothing proposition.

These days, remote work is nuanced, with several variations based on both employers’ and workers’ needs. Here at FlexJobs, we want to make sure job seekers have all the information they need when looking for their ideal remote job. To that end, we hand-screen each and every job we post to make sure you know exactly what type of remote work level pertains to a position.

From fully remote schedules that never require in-office time to remote just during the pandemic (and everything in between!), we’ve got you covered.

5 Types of Remote Work Levels

To help you understand the various remote categories in our database, we’re breaking down remote work levels.

1. 100% Remote Work

100% Remote Work is for job seekers who want to work from home all of the time. These positions are fully remote with no in-office time and don’t include any regular travel. Keep in mind that these jobs may still have location requirements, though. For 100% remote jobs that you can do from wherever you’d like in the world, you can search for work from anywhere jobs. Or, for positions that can be done anywhere in the United States, check out our US National Jobs.


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2. Remote – During Pandemic

This is a temporary remote work designation for jobs that are only remote during the pandemic. In other words, you’d work remotely until the company decides that employees will return to a standard office environment. The timing of the return to in-office work will likely vary from state to state based on local health department guidelines and recommendations. Due to their temporarily remote nature—and that employers do intend to go back to the office—these roles tend to be based in specific cities and states.


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3. Partial Remote Work

Jobs with a Partial Remote Work classification usually either require some travel or some in-office time—or both. For example, positions that allow you to work from home for part of the week combined with some in-office hours would be considered partial remote work.


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4. Option for Remote Work

The Option for Remote Work category applies to positions that can either be remote or allow work from a designated office. Although many Option for Remote Work jobs are available to job seekers based anywhere in the U.S., some are location-based.


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5. Remote – Any Level

The Remote – Any Level will include the four levels of remote work above into one search filter. This will include more openings, but job searchers will want to carefully review the specs of each role so they know if there are any location requirements, or if the role is fully remote, partially remote, etc.


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How to Choose Your Remote Level

Now that you know what each of the types of remote work schedules mean, how do you search for exactly what you need when looking for a remote job?

Use Advanced Search

The Advanced Search options on FlexJobs are invaluable for honing in on jobs that are a perfect fit for you. This will allow you to filter your search results based on the level of remote work that you want.

Remote Work Level

Explore Your Options

One of the silver linings of the mass move to working from home during the pandemic is that the benefits of remote work—in all its forms—are becoming clearer than ever. From increased productivity and better work-life balance to being able to ditch the dreaded commute, remote work is poised to be the new normal.

Looking for a remote job that fits your unique needs? Members have access to our job database, which is updated every day. Not a member yet? Take the tour and learn how FlexJobs can help you find the perfect remote job for you!


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