8 Cool Home Office Ideas


Cool home office design ideas


When the pandemic started and 44% of U.S. workers switched to working at home full-time, many people thought that it was only a temporary switch that would last a few months.

Obviously, that hasn’t panned out, and for many, working from home will be the new norm for some time. However, if the kitchen table, family room couch, or wherever you’ve set up shop isn’t working for you anymore, it may be time to create a more permanent (and cool) home office set up.

Your home office can be a sanctuary, a retreat, and a place guaranteed to encourage productivity if done correctly. But many factors play into home office design, from the size and storage capacity to the decor and lighting options—not to mention the cost.

But never fear! We’ve got eight cool home office design ideas that you can take advantage of no matter your space or budget.

Cool Home Offices Ideas

1. The Nook

Any cozy corner or unused small space will do for a working nook. All you need is just 30 inches to create a comfortable working desk space, a few decorative items, and—voila!—you have yourself a functional and super cute office nook.


2. An Office for Two

If you’re lucky enough to work with your sweetie all day, then a home office for two is what you need.

Fairly easy to design and execute, this office setup has loads of options for self-customization, such as setting up mail slots or organizers on the outside, adding personalized wall art on each side, or even creating a cute slot to pass letters through to your coworker!


3. The Hideaway Closet

This office in a closet is the perfect way to disguise your workspace while keeping its classy integrity. This design allows for ample storage space overhead, and the closet doors are just calling you to fill them with calendars, sticky notes, and to-do lists.

The best part: With a closet home office, you can leave your desk messy and just shut the door come Friday afternoon and forget about that disaster until Monday.

the closet office is a cool home office idea

4. The Harry Potter Office

An office under a staircase is an ingenious use of what would otherwise be wasted space in your home, especially if you’re out of options elsewhere.

Cozy, unique, and a sure conversation starter, the Harry Potter office is fully customizable. You could even add a sliding pocket door for extra privacy.

the harry potter office is a cool home office idea

5. The Bedroom Office

This trendy and stylish cool home office is a suitable alternative if you’re short on space. Any bedroom, with some smart planning and design, can be turned into a functional workspace.

To go the extra mile and achieve that “cool factor,” you could use brick tiles and fashion a white tie-back curtain for the ultimate hidden bedroom office.


6. The Murphy Desk

If you’re really strapped for space, say living in a shared studio or a tiny house, this Murphy bed/desk is for you. There are numerous designs out there for this kind of multi-functional furniture, or you could try designing and creating one yourself.

Available in both horizontal or the more traditional vertical style Murphy bed, this Murphy desk easily transforms a bedroom into an office space during the day. And with one swoop of the hand, back into a fully functional bedroom. It doesn’t get much easier than this!


7. The Storage Office

Consider the mighty storage unit desk. This desk is camouflaged into your existing storage wall, whether it be for books, records, or works of art. You can slip a small laptop or sleekly designed computer into any existing storage space.

If a small ledge for a desk doesn’t already exist, get out your skill saw and make one! Like many other cool home offices on this list, this storage office can be customized to meet your needs, and the best part is it doesn’t take away from any other part of your home or apartment!

the storage desk is an idea for a cool home office

8. The Backyard Shed

For those of you with a backyard and larger budget, consider using a backyard shed. This idea for a cool home office is customizable from inside to out, and you get the benefits of leaving the house for work without the hassle of a long or expensive commute. Perfect for those times when you need a quiet place for phone calls or even meetings, these tiny offices make for a cozy yet functional office.

shed office

Create an Awesome Home Office

If you’re going to work at home, you want to make sure you’re in a functional space that helps you get the job done. And while that may seem impossible, with a little planning and some creative use of your existing space, you can create a functional and cool home office.

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