8 Webinars: FlexJobs Remote Job Search Webinar Series


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Now more than ever, FlexJobs wants to offer support and guidance to everyone seeking remote and flexible work. That’s why we’re launching a series of webinars dedicated to helping you land a great flexible job that lets you work from home, and then excel as a remote worker!

The FlexJobs Career Coaching team will host a webinar every week, start May 12, that touches on the key elements of your job search. Register for as many as you’d like! Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a link to view the recording.

What You Need to Know

  • Webinars are held every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. ET (2 CT, 1 MT, 12 PT) May 12 through June 30
  • Each webinar lasts 30 minutes and will have audience Q&A at the end
  • Each webinar is hosted by a member of the FlexJobs Career Coaching Team
  • After each webinar, registrants will receive an email with the recording and additional resources

Remote Job Search Webinar Series: Details and Registration

May 12: Writing Your Resume for Remote Jobs

  • What employers look for in remote job applicants
  • The best info to include on your resume for remote jobs
  • Dos and don’ts for formatting and content
  • Samples – what great remote resumes look like


Register for “Writing Your Resume for Remote Jobs”


May 19: How to Search for Remote Jobs that Fit You

  • Figuring out your transferable and remote friendly skills
  • Identifying opportunities that would be a good fit
  • Expanding your search beyond job listings (prospecting emails), with samples
  • Evaluating job descriptions for the right match


Register for “How to Search for Remote Jobs that Fit You”


May 26: Creating an Action Plan for Your Remote Job Search

  • Identifying critical remote job search to-dos
  • Developing a tracking system for yourself
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Evaluating your job search tactics


Register for “Creating an Action Plan for Your Remote Job Search”


June 2: Cover Letter Best Practices for Remote Jobs

  • Why you absolutely need to write cover letters
  • Cover letter formulas to follow for remote job applications
  • Outdated cover letter rules to drop
  • Samples – what great remote job cover letters look like


Register for “Cover Letter Best Practices for Remote Jobs”


June 9: Preparing for Remote Job Interviews

  • Phone and video interviews: what to expect
  • Common interview questions for remote jobs
  • The key steps to prepare for your interview
  • Ways to practice for video interviews


Register for “Preparing for Remote Job Interviews”


June 16: Simple, Effective Ways to Network in Your Remote Job Search

  • How to network completely online
  • Informational interviews and how to request them, with samples
  • Prospecting emails to make new connections, with samples


Register for “Simple, Effective Ways to Network in Your Remote Job Search”


June 23: The Keys to Being a Good Remote Worker

  • The skills you need to practice and hone
  • Why communication plays such a huge role in remote work and how to do it well
  • Setting up a dedicated and comfortable work space
  • How to stop yourself from working (or thinking about work) all the time
  • Best practices for working remotely


Register for “The Keys to Being a Good Remote Worker”


June 30: How to Change Careers and Work Remotely

  • An overview of our 4 Step System for Choosing a New Career
  • Understanding your motivations
  • Listing the possibilities and researching new ideas
  • Evaluating and focusing on the best new paths for you


Register for “How to Change Careers and Work Remotely”


Future Webinars

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