Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Tips (And Example)


Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Crafting a cover letter that hits all the right notes can be a crucial step in landing a great flexible job. If you’re looking for work as an administrative assistant, your letter has some specific targets to hit.

Namely, you’ll want to give an overview of your skills and versatility in your administrative assistant cover letter.

Hiring managers looking to fill administrative assistant jobs often are looking for “fixers” who are adept across a range of skill sets.

Some examples include computer knowledge, proofreading, customer and client interaction, scheduling, and general troubleshooting. An administrative career guide and overview can help you pull together a stand-out cover letter highlighting your qualifications for the role.

Your administrative assistant cover letter should expand on, or extend beyond, your resume. Your cover letter offers the opportunity to explain in greater detail how you’ll be a good fit for the job.

Perfecting Your Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Provide relevant administrative context.

Your resume should work in concert with your administrative assistant cover letter. In other words, while your resume features the highlights of your skills, experience, and education, your cover letter is an opportunity to dive deeper.

Use language that describes how your skills directly relate to the job. If the position involves arranging meetings or conference calls, talk about the direct or transferable skills you’d bring to the table.

For example, you might say, “I facilitated meetings and conference calls for a multi-member team, across several time zones.” If the job involves arranging travel and you have related experience, you could say, “I was responsible for arranging domestic and international travel for the [CEO/high-ranking managers/supervisor].”

Get specific.

Use your letter to expand on any special skills or certifications you might have that will help you stand out from the crowd. Some examples include:

Business courses or certifications.

If you have special training like Microsoft Office Certification, business course completion, a bookkeeping background, or other related experience, offer a sentence or two, beyond what’s in you resume, to talk more about those qualifications.

Computer skills. 

Basic computer skills are a given for most administrative assistant jobs. If you have skills or experience that go beyond the basics, your cover letter is a chance to bring it up.

Organizational expertise.

Describe your facility for being organized and for keeping others organized as well.

Multitasking abilities.

The ability to juggle lots of duties at once is a core feature of many administrative assistant jobs. Highlight your multitasking skills, ideally with an example from a past job where you successfully handled several duties at once.

Communication skills.

Your cover letter is a great platform to not only talk about your great communication skills, but to demonstrate them. Follow up with insights about your verbal abilities as well.

Sell your soft skills.

Administrative assistants are often at the front line in dealing with people both inside and outside the organization, including challenging supervisors, colleagues with outsize personalities, multiple teams, or disgruntled customers or clients from outside the company.

Your administrative assistant cover letter can touch on so-called “soft or intangible skills” that you would bring to the job. Highlight qualities such as the ones below.


Bosses and coworkers often turn to administrative assistants to problem-solve and make things happen on deadline. Talk about how you shine in this area.


As an administrative assistant, you may be privy to internal information regarding personnel, hiring, and other internal decisions. Stress your ability keep such information confidential.

Time management.

Talk about any experiences you have using time management apps and tools, and general time management skills you have that have worked for you and past teams you’ve assisted.

Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Smith,

I’m an experienced administrative professional with more than 10 years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. I am excited to present my resume and credentials in response to your posting for an executive-level administrative assistant.

As a seasoned professional, I’m sure I would excel in the duties you’ve outlined in your job description for this position. I have extensive and demonstrated experience working with high-level executives, handling duties such as calendar and scheduling management, overseeing accounts payable/receivable, reviewing documents, and handling travel arrangements. I’m resourceful, detail-oriented, able to maintain confidential information, and an excellent worker.

I have completed several college-level business and accounting courses, and I am a certified Microsoft specialist with expertise in all aspects of MS Office Suite. I’ve dealt with the public in previous administrative assistant roles and have developed superior customer service and client relation skills. I’m a collaborative team member who enjoys working within a team, as well as engaging with colleagues across multiple organizational divisions.

I am eager to talk to you about my career success and experience in administration and how I could bring my talents and enthusiasm to your organization.


Jane. P. Candidate

Finding an Administrative Assistant Job

If you’re seeking an administrative assistant role, we have jobs with a variety of flexibility options, such as part-time schedules, flexible schedules, temporary roles, and remote work.

And don’t forget to check out our administrative assistant career guide where you can find more information about the qualifications needed, jobs available, and potential salary you can earn as an admin.


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