After Limited Options Elsewhere, Woman Turns to FlexJobs for Work-from-Home Job


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Though nursing is generally an in-person job, it’s one of the many jobs that you can also do remotely. That’s why Emma H. joined FlexJobs. She was tired of the long hours she had to work as an inpatient nurse. As the mother of three young children, she wanted a new nursing job that would let her continue her nursing career without the long, inflexible shifts.

After Limited Options Elsewhere, Woman Turns to FlexJobs for Work-from-Home Job 1

Tired of the Demands

“I no longer wanted the 12 plus hour days that inpatient nursing demands,” Emma says. “I wanted a job opportunity that allowed me to use my nursing knowledge and break up my work schedule over the week in smaller chunks of time.”

Emma tried other job sites in search of remote nursing jobs, but couldn’t find what she wanted. “I had searched many other job sites to find a remote, flexible job that would fit my needs. But the options were limited and poor.” Once she joined FlexJobs, though, a world of opportunities opened up.

“I feel encouraged about the number of prospective employers I found who have open positions for nurses to work remotely,” she says. “Inpatients or clinic nursing are not the only options. FlexJobs has all the remote jobs I couldn’t find elsewhere. Once I subscribed to FlexJobs, I found exactly what I was looking for within the first month.”

Checking All the Boxes

Emma now works as a Nurse Abstractor at Flatiron Health. As a part-time employee, Emma has never been happier or more satisfied with her job and her life. “The flexibility of my remote job allows me to make a good income, care for my children, and continue my career as a nurse. Truly all the boxes I need to check in order to be satisfied with a new job.”

Because she works flexibly, Emma no longer bends her life to the demands of a 12-hour shift. She schedules her shifts at a time that works best for her.“Whether it’s 6:00 AM or 10:00 PM, or any time in between, I can sit down to work at a time that fits my schedule.”

Nursing is just one of the many surprising jobs you can do remotely. Check out the job postings in our 50 career categories. You may be surprised at all the remote jobs that let you live life flexibly and earn a decent income.

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