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toni frana career coaching spotlight


In addition to being able to search thousands of legitimate remote and flexible jobs, one of the most valuable aspects of a FlexJobs membership is exclusive access to our expert career services. Through FlexJobs’ in-house career coaches, members can sign up for deeply discounted career coaching services that include resume reviews, job search tips, mock interviews, and much more.

FlexJobs’ in-house career coaches have extensive experience providing personalized guidance and resources to help job seekers reach their career goals. To introduce you to our terrific team, we’re asking them questions about their coaching experience, specialties, and more.

Toni Frana, a FlexJobs Career Coach based in Northwest Florida, tells us how she got into career coaching and what she wants job seekers to know.

Why do you enjoy being a career coach?

I get to interact with people from all different career backgrounds, and help them find their next job. I love ‘going’ to work everyday!

What’s your educational and career background?

I attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN (not the islands) and received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with minors in Psychology and English. My graduate degree is in Family Studies.

After graduate school I was hired to be a program manager for Sylvan Learning Centers. I spent almost 12 years working for a franchisee across three territories, ending as the Regional Director of three centers. From there, I started my own business, purchasing a franchise that specializes in teaching kids confidence and communication skills under the umbrella of a theater curriculum.

After about 12 months, my family had to relocate from FL to AZ, so I sold my business and became a business growth consultant for a digital marketing company (a job I found through FlexJobs!), followed by a position with Drama Kids International as a Franchise Business Consultant helping new business owners start their franchise.

I left that role to join the Career Coaching team at FlexJobs and it’s been extremely rewarding! I love being able to work with clients during all phases of their job search.

Do you have any specialties or types of clients you particularly enjoy working with?

Truthfully, I really do enjoy working with all clients. Some of my favorite topics are interview preparation, resume tailoring, and any client who has been self-employed and is transitioning back to an employee role.

What’s one thing you want every job seeker to know?

There are jobs out there and with a solid and manageable action plan, you will land a job. It takes work and concerted effort, but it is all worth it in the end when you find the job you are looking for!

Why do you think career coaching is helpful for job seekers?

Just like starting a new workout program, it’s nice and extremely helpful to work with someone who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of how to do the workout program. In this case, having a partner to help answer your specific job search questions can ensure that forward progress is made and a successful job search ensues. I think with anything that you are trying to achieve, knowing and leveraging the resources that exist in the space to help you reach a goal is always worthwhile.

What’s one thing you can’t live without in your home office?

Candles, and recently, my blue light filtration glasses.

Find Success With a Career Coach

When you feel like you could use a little help navigating the job search process, a FlexJobs career coach is just what you need to help you prepare your resume, apply, and interview for your next perfect job. Schedule a session today and learn how our team of expert career coaches can coach you to job search success!


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