Career Coaching Spotlight: Tracy Capozzoli


Career Coaching Spotlight: Tracy Capozzoli


In addition to being able to search thousands of legitimate remote and flexible jobs, one of the most valuable aspects of a FlexJobs membership is exclusive access to our expert career services. Through FlexJobs’ in-house career coaches, members can sign up for deeply discounted career coaching services that include resume reviews, job search tips, mock interviews, and much more.

Members of the career coaching team have an average of 12 years of experience, providing clients with personalized guidance and resources to help them reach their career goals. To help you get to know our fabulous career coaches, we’re spotlighting their backgrounds, what they love most about their jobs, and the benefits of career coaching for job seekers.

Here’s what Tracy Capozzoli, a FlexJobs Career Coach in North Carolina, has to say!

Why do you enjoy being a career coach?

It is about building relationships and being of service to others. Partnering with clients to help them identify avenues to achieve their goals, chart new paths, and reach their career dreams is at the heart of my work. I am driven to make a contribution and difference.

What’s your educational and career background?

I have been in career services, whether it is counseling, coaching, mentoring, or consulting, for over 15 years. I have worked in a variety of settings, including higher education career centers, nonprofit community organizations, government and military organizations, and the private sector. The majority of my work has been as a remote, independent contractor. Having the flexibility as a contractor has allowed me to maintain employment while moving frequently as a military spouse.

I hold an Educational Specialist degree (EdS) with a dual specialization in Career Counseling and Mental Health Counseling and a master of science degree in Counseling and Human Systems. I have a bachelor of science degree in Secondary Education.

Do you have any specialties or types of clients you particularly enjoy working with?

Working with diverse groups and a variety of employers, all striving to help clients achieve success, has been at the focus of my career. No matter the job title or type of counseling/coaching, it always comes back to partnering with clients to move forward in reaching their goals.

Some of my previous work experiences include working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor helping disabled veterans and injured workers return to work in new career paths, a Career Counselor helping active duty service members transition out of the military, and as a Career Consultant helping relocated spouses (both military and corporate) find meaningful career paths due to numerous relocations.

Throughout my experiences, I have found I enjoy working with proactive and self-motivated individuals who possess a growth mindset and dedication to honor themselves while continually moving forward to reach goals.

What’s one thing you want every job seeker to know?

The resume is one of many tools within your job search toolkit. It is not the tool, but one tool. The resume is a deliverable that can help you move forward to an interview. It is a single, stand-alone document that is customized and tailored to a single job opening. Because of this, it must change and be revised EVERY time you apply for a job. It is a living document that takes on the look, feel, and wording of the job for which you are applying. No two resumes will be the same. Own your resume and become comfortable with changing/modifying/revising it.

Why do you think career coaching is helpful for job seekers?

Taking the opportunity to step outside of yourself, and sometimes away from your current path to view things from a new perspective, can lead to new insights. Working with a career coach can create new ideas. Knowing you may not find all the answers, but maybe just one answer, might be enough to motivate you to continue moving forward. Finding support from someone not so close to you allows for a new perspective to be planted.

What’s one thing you can’t live without in your home office?

Music! I really enjoy listening to various Pandora channels. My channel selections vary depending on my mood, the time of year, and the overall focus of my workday.

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Consulting with a FlexJobs career coach can mean the difference between a stalled job search and finding the career of your dreams. Schedule a career coaching session today to help with all your career goals, and learn more about our team of expert career coaches.


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