Celebrate National Family Day with Work Flexibility


Celebrate National Family Day with Work Flexibility

National Family Day is held every year at the end of September to celebrate families in all their forms.

Whether you choose to celebrate with your immediate family, extended relatives, or even friends, National Family Day is a reason to spend quality time together with loved ones to reflect upon the bonds in which you share.

What Is National Family Day?

National Family Day was started in 2001 by the National Center on Addiction to combat teen substance use and to encourage families to share more time together. Its research has found that teens who eat meals with their families are less likely to fall into substance abuse, perform better at school, and eat healthier.

This year’s celebration is September 26, 2019.

How Flexible Work Benefits Families

At FlexJobs we aim to help families spend more time together by supporting work flexibility, whether that’s by offering positions that are remote, flexible, freelance, etc. Research indicates that job flexibility helps families improve work-life balance and grow the relationships that matter most.

For example, FlexJobs’ annual survey, which included the responses of 2,000 women with children under age 18, found that parents are prioritizing flexibility in their job searches because it makes them better parents. Eighty-four percent are entirely sure that they can simultaneously be both great employees and great mothers, and 91% said that flexible work arrangements would increase their volunteerism at their children’s schools or organized activities.

When working mothers and fathers are given the ability to work a flexible schedule and/or remotely, they are able to gain control over their work life and home life. A reduced or eliminated commute means time to drop off and pick up kids at school or extra curricular activities, less overall stress, more productivity on the job, and time and energy to prepare and enjoy a meal together in the evenings.

Flexible work options can allow parents to provide financially and spend time with their families. And parents can use flexibility to have the best of both worlds.

FlexJobs Is Here to Help

Working moms and dads can find flexible companies and flexible jobs to meet their needs. FlexJobs seeks to connect working parents with flexibility in order to have a great family life, whether on National Family Day or any day of the year.


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