Digital Nomad Adventure Video 32: Final Lessons


Final lessons from the road

Meet Jason Byer, a marketing professional who decided to take his family on a road trip of the U.S. in a travel trailer, all while keeping up his regular full-time day job and working from the road! Jason leads up marketing and partnerships for crowdspring—a job he found using FlexJobs

FlexJobs is partnering with Jason to take a closer look at what the digital nomad lifestyle is really like while working a full-time job. With weekly videos, you’ll get a first-hand look at Jason’s digital nomad adventure, and see how he structures his day, works from new locations, and finds time to explore.

In this video—the final of the series—Jason shares some of his final lessons from the road and what he’s learned this far in his eight months of travel.

To continue following Jason’s journey on the road as a digital nomad, find Jason on Instagram at @j.byer. And you can see all the previous the videos on our YouTube channel.

Resources for Digital Nomads

If you want to start your own digital nomad adventure, FlexJobs has many resources help get you on your way! Our blog features articles that can give you practical digital nomad advice, job leads, and inspirational stories of people who have made the change. Here’s some of the best:

Work-from-Anywhere Jobs for Digital Nomads

Finding a work-from-anywhere job is tantamount to taking off on your journey. This type of job will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, meaning you can perform the job anywhere you travel to as long as you have an Internet connection. We’ve compiled a list of a few common job titles we see for remote jobs. Be sure to also check out FlexJobs’ current listings, which are updated daily.

Quick Tip for Digital Nomads

Many digital nomads find it valuable to be active on social media while they travel. Whether it’s to keep in touch with friends and family back home or to connect with other digital nomads, social media can be an asset to your journey. FlexJobs recently profiled a list of the 15 best Twitter accounts for digital nomads to follow. Here are five—read the rest of the post to find the rest of the list!

Carolyn Pilligrath – @BreathingTravel

With more than three years as a digital nomad under her belt, German-born Carolyn Pilligrath blogs and tweets about working and house-sitting around the globe, with advice aimed at “eternal traveler souls” seeking unique experiences.

Ciara Johnson – @hey_ciara

A self-proclaimed “solo travel queen,” Ciara Johnson quit a traditional job to become a digital nomad and millennial travel blogger. She’s been featured in Forbes, Essence, and Cosmopolitan, among other publications.

Denise Mai – @DigitalNomadSoul

Digital Nomad Soul is a website and Twitter account created by Denise Mai, offering practical advice and inspirational tips for people aspiring to live a location-independent digital nomad lifestyle.

Remote Year – @remoteyear

Greg Caplan is the founder and CEO of Remote Year, a great resource for digital nomads looking to work remotely for a year. Remote Year offers practical insights and great inspiration for a “vibrant global community” of like-minded, location-independent workers.

Katelyn Smith – @TheRemoteNomad

Tweeting under the moniker “The Remote Nomad,” Katelyn Smith has been featured by outlets including the BBC, CNN, and Fast Company. She’s dedicated to the “work anywhere, live anywhere” lifestyle, offering inspirational quotes and practical tips for digital nomads.

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