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Working from home is a green way to work. It reduces carbon emissions, lowers gas consumption, and eliminates the need for costly construction and maintenance of office buildings. It also lets people control their recycling, waste management, and climate control.

And since it’s Earth Month (and soon Earth Day), we would like to contribute to planting a greener tomorrow, by focusing on what we do today. For every new FlexJobs membership we receive on Earth Day (April 22), we will donate a tree to plant through the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Initiative.

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Change Is Happening

One of the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic is the impact it’s making on the global environment. When China went into lockdown, it reduced its emissions by 250 million tons over a four-week period.

While we don’t yet know the impact of state lockdowns on overall U.S. emissions, the reality is that in 2018, nearly 36% of America’s emissions came from transportation, with 60% of that coming from passenger vehicles and trucks.

Shelter-in-place orders mean that many of those vehicles are no longer on the road. Whether or not companies continue with the shift to remote work after the pandemic remains to be seen. But, no matter what happens, the question is: how do we maintain the temporary drop in emissions permanently?

Planting a Greener Tomorrow

Trees play an essential role in cleaning the carbon from our atmosphere, and it’s entirely possible that planting more trees now could help mitigate future climate change. One study suggests that global tree restoration is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon.

Go Green at Work

There are many benefits of remote work, not only to workers but for the environment. A matter of fact, remote work supports eight of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), three of which are specifically related to the environment:

Reducing the carbon footprint is an important part of our history as a company. FlexJobs has worked 100% remotely since launching in 2007. And since then, we’ve been able to avoid traveling almost 1 million miles, and have saved nearly 47,000 gallons in gas.

Making an Impact

Going green doesn’t have to entail a radical lifestyle change. Taking some small steps (swapping out your light bulbs, using recycled paper) can have a big impact.

Whether you’re specifically looking to find a green job, or just a job that provides you with remote flexibility, you can make a difference with important environmental issues.

We’ve dropped our membership prices as low as 50% off. Enter the code JOBS at checkout.

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