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FlexJobs is a unique job search service with a lot of great things to offer job seekers. We’ve been the top job site to find remote and flexible jobs since 2007, and have helped millions of people in their job search. We’d love to help you, too!

If you have questions about the benefits of FlexJobs, or how to use our site, this post will answer frequently asked questions.

And, if you have additional questions, we have a dedicated client services team available to answer them by phone, email, and chat!

13 Frequently Asked Questions About FlexJobs

1. How does FlexJobs work?

FlexJobs is a subscription service for job seekers who are interested in finding legitimate, high-quality, flexible jobs. The positions on our site include jobs with flexible schedules or part-time hours, freelance projects, and remote or at-home positions. We do all the legwork for you by verifying and screening all openings, so all you have to do is log in to find the best flexible jobs available.

Furthermore, unlike other job sites, there is no advertising on FlexJobs. This way, our focus can be 100% on supporting our job seekers and providing them with a high-quality experience.

2. Are the job listings on FlexJobs legitimate?

Yes, guaranteed! Our amazing research team hand-screens every single position, so you’ll only find jobs and companies that are legitimate, professional, and offer at least one type of flexibility (remote, flexible hours, alternative schedule, freelance, or part-time).

We do not post positions that we find questionable or that do not meet our strict criteria for legitimacy. That includes scams, business “opportunities,” commission-only jobs, very low-level positions, and anything that isn’t a quality job opportunity. We offer a better way to find flexible jobs so you can find a better way to work.

Our job-seeking members set up a resume profile on their personal page that will allow the database to send prospective positions to them. Subscribers are also able to search for legitimate jobs through our advanced search options. Users are responsible for searching and applying to as many jobs that fit their ideal flexibility and their skill set.

3. Are you an employment agency or recruiting service?

No, FlexJobs is not like an employment agency, recruiting service, temp firm, or headhunter. We do not place people into positions or recruit positions for any company.

When a job seeker applies for a position they find on FlexJobs, they will be connecting directly with the company listing the job to go through the hiring process. If they’re hired, all compensation, benefits, and tax questions will be worked out directly between the job seeker and the hiring company.

4. Is FlexJobs free?

No. FlexJobs is a subscription-based service, with different pricing tiers based on your needs. In order to keep our site free of ads, our primary client is you, the job seeker. For the cost of a lunch or two, you’ll have access to over 27,000 jobs fully verified jobs from more than 5,400 companies.

Other benefits include free skills testing, the ability to create profiles that are searchable by hiring employers, email alerts for new job listings, expert job tips and resources, and discounted career coaching.

5. What types of jobs are on FlexJobs?

All of the jobs on our site have some level of work flexibility. Those options are:

  • Remote work (100%, partial, or optional)
  • Freelance work
  • Temporary jobs (short-term or long-term, occasional, and seasonal)
  • Part-time schedules
  • Flexible schedules
  • Alternative schedules

Our focus is on finding jobs that allow job seekers some level of flexibility, whether that is working from home a few days a week or permanently.

Our jobs are categorized into more than 50 different career categories.

6. Are there jobs that I can do in addition to the job I already have?

Yes! Flexible jobs are ideal for many job seekers who are looking to make additional money while maintaining their full-time position.

Freelance, seasonal, and part-time jobs can work around your full-time position. Since FlexJobs specializes in professional jobs, many of these positions still require education or experience to get hired.

7. Do you guarantee that I will be hired?

Since FlexJobs is not a staffing agency or headhunter, we cannot guarantee you will be hired. To apply to any job, you apply directly with the employer and all details regarding interviews, hiring, salary, etc. are worked out directly with the employer.

We do have a Satisfaction Guarantee that if you’re aren’t satisfied with the quality of our service for any reason, you can simply cancel your subscription and request a refund via phone, email, or virtual chat. We want you to be happy with our service and will do whatever it takes to make that happen!

8. If I’m not a U.S. citizen, can I still apply to jobs?

It is up to each individual employer on how it handles international candidates. Some employers are more than willing to consider hiring a job candidate who requires a work visa, and others do not have the capacity to hire anyone who is not a U.S. citizen. that said, there are also many international companies hiring on FlexJobs.

Our “work from anywhere” job listings, which have no restriction on where you work from, are usually better equipped to handle international applicants. Additionally, we have an International jobs section that you can explore, as well.

9. I see specific location requirements, what does that mean?

We find that about 95% of remote jobs often require their employees to be based in a certain location. This can be for a few reasons:

  • Meetings: to be close in proximity to company offices for in-person meetings
  • Clients: to be close to clients, especially in the case of sales and project management jobs
  • Tax law: employment tax law requirements pertaining to their state or country
  • Office work: the company requires employees to work from the office part-time or occasionally
  • Certifications: the employer or job requires certifications that are location-specific
  • Travel: the job is travel-heavy and the employer wants the employee to be close to main transport hubs
  • Time zone: the company might want the employee to live in a certain time zone

10. How do I search for 100% remote jobs?

There are a few ways to find 100% remote jobs. Our Jobs by Location page can help you find remote jobs in your specific state or country. Our work-from-anywhere jobs and U.S. national jobs contain jobs that typically don’t have location requirements, but could require travel. Filter between the different job types to find openings that align with your needs.

Our advanced search options can allow you to tailor your search, too. Selecting “100% Remote Work” from the “Remote Work Level” field will pull up jobs that are 100% remote. Consider selecting “No” for the “Willing to Travel?” field and choosing a category to narrow down your search even more.

11. Who uses FlexJobs?

All types of people use FlexJobs and have used FlexJobs successfully. Parents returning to work, digital nomads, freelancers, career changers, retirees, military spouses, new college grads, and executives are a few different audiences that have used our service to find great flexible jobs.

12. Does FlexJobs offer career coaching or resume help?

Absolutely! FlexJobs members can work with a career coach one-on-one at a deeply discounted rate compared to outside career coaching. During a 30-minute coaching session, a member can discuss any career-related topics with their coach, who is an expert in the flexible job market and searching for flexible jobs.

Our members often like to work with a career coach for things like resume reviews, developing an action plan, getting clear about what they want to do for work, and the best job search strategies.

Our career coaches also host a weekly live Q&A session for members. During this 30-minute session, members can join fellow job seekers to ask questions and get advice and tips.

Our blog also offers useful career advice and job searching tips to help our members maximize their potential.

Some recommended articles include:

13. If I need help, can I reach out?

Our client services team is made up of real people who are available to help you! We offer phone support, messaging, and a virtual chat function provide you with the assistance you need. You’ll hear back within one business day at the latest.

Client services can help you with your account, using the FlexJobs site, and any questions you have about our memberships.

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FlexJobs is a great resource for job seekers who are looking for unique, flexible arrangements that will allow them to balance their financial and career needs with their personal needs. Find out more about what FlexJobs does and how it can help you find a flexible job!




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