Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2019 That Can Be Done Remotely


Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2019 That Can Be Done Remotely

The U.S. labor market outlook is strong—great news for job seekers looking for a new role in 2020! In November alone, 266,000 jobs were added, making it the 21st month in a row with an unemployment rate of 4% or lower.

Combine this news with the ever-increasing number of people telecommuting in the U.S. (159% increase since 2005), and job seekers have a breadth of opportunities that are not just relegated to a 9-to-5 office job.

PayScale, a compensation and employment data company, recently released its list of the fastest-growing jobs during 2019. The company surveyed over 12,000 respondents for the study. This list can provide job seekers and career changers with great information for finding a job that’s popular and in demand.

According to PayScale, “To provide insight into the hottest jobs of 2019, we looked at the jobs where we observed the largest growth in data collection over the last year. Our data tends to trend with what is popular in the market. Therefore, jobs where we observe a spike in data collection can be considered especially popular in the labor market, as well as competitive when it comes to pay.”

We took a look at the top 30 hottest jobs on PayScale’s list to find out which of these jobs also offered remote work options in our database of more than 50 job categories.

These 17 fast-growing jobs from 2019 can be done remotely. Click on any job title to find the current remote openings on FlexJobs. If you’re a FlexJobs member, you’ll have access to the hiring company names and instructions on how to apply!

17 Fastest-Growing Jobs From 2019 That You Can Do Remotely

Full-Stack Software Engineer

PayScale reported software engineers had a 176% increase. This role involves handing the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. A full-stack engineer takes a concept and turns it into a finished product.

Director of Marketing

With a healthy economy comes more spending, and marketers are in demand to capitalize on this by promoting and selling products/services. A marketing director will primarily develop marketing plans to increase brand awareness, manage campaign budgets, supervise team members, etc.

Lead UX Marketing

UX design merges with marketing to make products or services desirable to customers. A person performing UX marketing will do user research to understand needs and behaviors, and ultimately create products that meet these user needs.

Director of Community Engagement

Community engagement roles are in the social media and PR sphere. With a strong economy and increased spending comes more consumer choice. Companies need directors of community engagement to focus on attracting and engaging with potential customers and current customers to win and keep their business.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialist is a fast-growing job as employers use all communication channels to reach clients and customers. This role develops campaigns, writes email content, performs A/B testing, and more.

Senior Product Designer

So many of the items we use in our daily lives are created by product designers—furniture, apps, electronics, software, etc. Product designers help meet increased consumer demand by creating or improving upon products.

Senior Data Engineer

Senior data engineers find trends in data and work to make this data useful for projects. Experience and skills with programming, mathematics, and computer science may be required.

Lead Graphic Designer

Graphic design also plays a part in helping to create and promote products and services in this healthy economy. A graphic designer creates visual concepts, typically using software, for anything from brochures and ads, to websites and magazines.

Accounts Payable Administrator

Accounts payable handles invoicing and issuing payments. This role often oversees bookkeeping and producing reports. Many industries bill clients and need an accounts payable administrator to handle these financials.

Patient Care Manager

Healthcare has long been an industry with steady growth. Patient care managers handle the direction of patient care by advocating for patients and ensuring the healthcare team and patient has all necessary information.

Machine Learning Engineer

Self-driving cars, voice assistants, smart thermostats. All of these products use machine learning to perform tasks. As such, engineers are in high demand to help create these products and impact the daily lives of many individuals.

Data Engineer

Data engineers provide a reliable infrastructure for data. They take data information from sources and organize that information for easy use. Having knowledge of SQL, Python, cloud platforms, and Java/Scala is often needed.

Product Owner

Product owners are part of the development cycle and most commonly identify business needs, develop strategies, manage product backlog, define and prioritize the features of an application, anticipate client needs, and more.

Demand Generation Manager

In the marketing and advertising field, demand generation managers raise awareness of and demand for a company’s product or service. Creating lead generation strategies and managing staff are common duties.

Content Director

These days content online usually services a greater purpose of marketing a product or service. A content director works to ensure content is relevant to the audience, grows the audience, implements SEO practices, and more.

Lead Data Scientist

This fast-growing job typically involves managing data scientists and engineers, leading data mining procedures, ensuring data quality, interpreting and analyzing data, creating reports, and more.

Customer Success Manager

The growth of ecommerce means more remote customer service professionals are needed to help customers and drive sales. A manager-level role will manage a team, set up new accounts, onboard customers, guide customers through the sales process, and form relationships with customers.

Finding Fast-Growing Remote Jobs in 2020

These 17 jobs are a great place to start to find a hot remote job in 2020. Don’t forget to check out the rest of FlexJobs’ listings, which span over 50 career areas. We specialize in helping job seekers find flexible and remote jobs, and we do so by vetting and verifying each job lead we find. You’ll never get caught up in a job scam. Browse the thousands of legitimate remote jobs we post, which are updated daily.


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