Finding a Remote Job: LinkedIn Learning Course


Finding a Remote Job: LinkedIn Learning Course

Are you tired of your commute and ready to be able to work on your terms? Finding a remote job can alleviate your careers woes and put you on the path to a better way of working.

FlexJobs’ LinkedIn Learning path, “Become a Successful Remote Worker” is a detailed guide to walk you through all of the steps to working remotely. In the second course, “Finding a Remote Job,” you’ll find a six-part video that will share the secrets to getting hired for a remote job and how to stay motivated during your search.

Finding a Remote Job: LinkedIn Learning Course Content

The chapters of this video course include:

  1. Finding a Remote Job (What to expect and how to determine your objectives for remote work)
  2. Desirable Remote Worker Attributes (The skills, qualities, experience, and tools needed)
  3. Finding Remote Jobs Online (Common industries and jobs for remote work)
  4. Applying for a Remote Job (Crafting a resume and cover letter)
  5. Interviewing for a Remote Job (Questions to expect and handling phone and video interviews)
  6. Negotiating Benefits for a Remote Job (Salary negotiation and looking for unique benefits)
  7. Conclusion (Staying motivated and helpful resources)

Each chapter contains a short quiz to test your knowledge on what you just learned. You can also participate in the Q&A section where you can ask questions and share knowledge with others taking the course.

Finding a Remote Job: Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you can expect to:

  • Explain the benefits of a remote job position.
  • Identify three technologies a person should master in order to work effectively in a remote position.
  • Determine what to do if a recruiter asks for sensitive information before describing a job.
  • Recognize three important things to consider when preparing for a remote interview.
  • Determine the most important question to ask during a hiring interview.
  • Summarize the next action to take after receiving a compensation offer.

Landing a work-from-home job can be job unto itself. Use this course from FlexJobs and LinkedIn Learning to help you stay motivated, productive, and successful in your search.


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