FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job


FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job

When you become a member of FlexJobs you have access to the full range of our hand-screened, legitimate positions.

One FlexJobs membership benefit is the personalized profile that you are able to create, which allows you to streamline your job search and track your application.

You will notice that each job listing has icons below the job description for “Save this Job” and “Add Note,” in addition to text that reads, “Problem with This Job?” Let’s take a closer look at what each of these icons do.

FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job 1

Save This Job

You may be looking at a position that you’re interested in applying for, but don’t have the time or information needed to apply immediately. You can click the “Save This Job” icon and the system will save the position in your “Job Search Activity” tab on My Dashboard.

Control Panel

You can then come back to these postings at a later time. If you have jobs in the “Saved Jobs” tab that are no longer of interest to you or have expired, you can remove these by selecting the job title and scrolling down the bottom of the listing and selecting “Unsave This Job” in the same location

FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job 2

Add Note

Selecting the “Add Note” button will generate a text field where you can enter any information or details you may want to reference for your own use at a future time. Remember to press the “Save” button below the note text field to save the note you wrote. The next time you visit the job for which you added your note, you will notice that the “Add Note” button now says, “Edit Note.” Simply click on that button to view your own note.

FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job 3

Problem with This Job?

“Problem with This Job?” is a built-in system to alert FlexJobs of an issue or question regarding a specific job posting. When a member selects this text, this pop-up dialogue box will appear:

FlexJobs Benefits: When to Save or Flag a Job 4
This process alerts our staff to conduct an editorial review of the job and/or company. If you come across a job that does not appear to be hiring, if the link is experiencing issues, or if you feel the job description does not match the position details as seen on the application page, please click the “Problem with This Job?” link so that we can begin an investigation. We will promptly respond to your inquiry and let you know if there is another way to apply to the job if it has been removed or any other information we are able to provide.

FlexJobs works diligently to provide scam-free, legitimate listings to all of our members. Utilizing these three functions of the job postings will provide you with ways to track your work within the system and keep a record of what you have done.

If you have filled out all of the required information to activate your profile, the Active button will be green and you’ll be ready to job search and be discovered by great flexible employers

If you have questions about maximizing the potential of your membership, feel free to contact us or browse our Q&A. We’re here to help!


Photo Credits: flexjobs.com and bigstockphoto.com

A version of this piece was previously published on May 4, 2013.