FlexJobs’ Career Coaching Services Help Job Seekers Succeed


FlexJobs’ Career Coaching Services Help Job Seekers Find Success


Searching for a new job can be frustrating. It can feel like no matter how many jobs you apply to or how good of a match you are for the position, you just can’t connect with the right job. When that happens, it’s easy to get frustrated and burned out on the job search. If it feels like you need some guidance to keep your job search going strong, you might want to hire a career coach.

Adding a career coach to your job search arsenal may be just the thing to help you refocus and even redefine your job search. While they won’t connect you with open jobs (you need a recruiter for that), they can help you figure out what you’re doing right, where you can improve, and how to course-correct for job search success!

How a FlexJobs Career Coach Can Help Your Job Search

One of the advantages of a FlexJobs membership is that you get discounted access to all of our career coaches. They can help you amp up your job search and connect with a job that’s right for you.

With three levels of service (and a reduced price!) we’ve got something for everyone:

  • Career coaching: Learn how to search for a remote or flexible job, practice mock interviews, and answer all of your job search questions.
  • Resume review: Get help creating or updating your resume (and learn the tricks that make it easy for you to customize it), and learn how to navigate any gaps in your employment.
  • Coaching and resume bundle: Get both services in one package.

No matter what type of coaching you choose, a FlexJobs career coach will help you identify any areas that need improvement so you can achieve job search success.

Here’s What Some of Our Members Say About Their Experience With a FlexJobs Career Coach

Ellen S., Closing Services Representative at Radian

After using the FlexJobs site and its resume and job coaching services, I was able to find a full-time, remote position within a couple of months. FlexJobs was truly a blessing, and I couldn’t have done it without this site. Thank you!

Kitty H., Executive Assistant at IPO Candy

Thank you so much for helping us remote workers find a job. The team was great. I found FlexJobs to be an invaluable service, and went to the majority of free training, talked with a counselor and had my resume revamped. Although I had to pay a little bit, it was a much safer environment. I had issues with other companies, which I found out were scammers later. So, thank you, FlexJobs!

Tommie S., Ads Evaluator at Lionbridge

I could not be more pleased with my experience. I took advantage of the resume service and got a response from a potential employer almost immediately. I have a full-time job and was looking for something extra that was 100% remote, and that’s exactly what I got! The support from FlexJobs and the resources they offer are top-notch.

Jessica R., Executive Assistant with BELAY, VaVa Virtual Assistants, and Digital Helpdesk Solutions

I’ve already recommended FlexJobs to many friends and family. It was a rough start at first, as I applied to many jobs and wasn’t getting any calls back. It wasn’t until I paid to have my resume looked at by a FlexJobs career coach that I started getting calls and interview requests.

Elizabeth K., Contact Investigator at AM – Applied Memetics

Excellent company! Thank you, FlexJobs, for helping me find a 100% remote contract position! This is my second time using this site to help me in my job search. I highly recommend FlexJobs and encourage others to do the same, especially for remote work. I also recommend the career coaching, resume review, and the many workshops and webinars available to members. Many thanks!

Maranda G., Tax Office Manager at Bright!Tax

It took a very long time and too many applications to count, but I finally found my absolute dream job through FlexJobs. Not only that, but I can’t help but feel that FlexJobs’ career coaching and resume review services played a big part in honing my job search and application skills. I really am going to live my dream because of this trustworthy, in-depth site and services! Thank you!

Maria A., Virtual Administrator Contractor at BELAY

It was so wonderful to talk with someone who helped me highlight my strengths. It was a great career move for me and well worth the money!

Read more about Maria’s success story

Get In the Game!

It’s OK to need help along the way—everyone has been there. And though you may be able to talk yourself into continuing your job search (and you should!), sometimes an outside perspective can be just what you need to find job search success.

And remember, members get discounted rates. Not a member? Join today and take advantage of our career coaching services and so many more members-only perks.


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