FlexJobs Father’s Day Deal: Up to 50% Off All New Subscriptions!


Father’s Day Deal on FlexJobs: Up to 50% Off All New Subscriptions!

Do you know any dads who are trying to find a new job? Or making career changes? Or wish they could work more flexibly or get out of the office? We have a great Father’s Day deal for you!

Typical Father’s Day gifts include ties, wallets, grilling equipment, steak dinners, and other Mad Men-era ideas about what dads like.

And while those are all fine options, this Father’s Day, you can give the dads in your life something that will actually help them improve every day—and it might even make your days better, too.

FlexJobs’ Father’s Day Deal Details

This Father’s Day, to help dads find jobs that offer flexibility and work-life balance, FlexJobs subscriptions are up to 50% off, now through June 17, 2019! When registering, use the promo code “FJDAD” to receive:

  • 50% off a 30-day subscription ($7.50, down from $14.95)
  • 40% off a three-month subscription ($17.95, down from $29.95)
  • 30% off a one-year subscription ($34.95, down from $49.95)
  • Use this promo code on FlexJobs gift certificates, too!

Flexible jobs are great for fathers (and all parents) because they empower people to take hold of their careers, they give people the freedom to work when/where/how is best for them, and they allow for the crazy notion that people have lives outside of work!

Here’s how to get this discount:

More Job Search Help for Dads on Father’s Day

FlexJobs created a library of content for working parents at every stage of their careers. Some of our dad-specific articles include:

To take advantage of this Father’s Day deal, head over to the FlexJobs registration page and use promo code “FJDAD” for up to 50% off FlexJobs subscriptions!


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