FlexJobs Identifies 15 Common Flexible Side Jobs


FlexJobs Identifies 15 Common Flexible Side Jobs

Despite a healthy economy and strong labor market, many U.S. workers still rely on side jobs for additional income outside of their primary career. To highlight the variety of side jobs available to professionals, we’ve identified 15 common flexible side jobs that can be used to supplement the income made from a full- or part-time job.

A side gig or side hustle—once known as moonlighting—is a job that allows workers to earn extra cash while working flexible hours that accommodates a full-time job or daily responsibilities.

You might already be one of the one-third of Americans who say they need to earn supplemental income to pay for their regular living expenses or the nearly half of millennials currently participating in the gig economy.

About  These 15 Common Flexible Side Jobs

Below are 15 common side jobs. Each link will bring you to current job listings for that specific type of job. The job listings all offer part-time hours, are either employee or freelance jobs, and may offer remote work options. We’ve also included the average hourly rate for each job based on U.S. national salary data from the compensation data platform PayScale.

Customer Service Representative

Third-party services and individual companies hire customer service representatives to assist customers in using their products and services, adding or reducing services, solving issues, and more. U.S. national average hourly rate: $14


Editors help print and online publications, companies, and organizations ensure their content is well-written and effective. U.S. national average hourly rate: $20

ESL Teacher

People with excellent English speaking and writing skills can help non-native English speakers learn the language as ESL teachers. U.S. national average hourly rate: $20

Graphic Designer

Working with brands, companies, government agencies, or nonprofits, graphic designers assist with branding, web design, print publications, and much more. U.S. national average hourly rate: $17


People with outstanding language skills in two or more languages will find a variety of work in interpretation. For people with other specialized knowledge, like a medical or scientific background, specialized interpreting jobs exist. U.S. national average hourly rate: $20

Management Consultant

Consultants are hired by a huge variety of industries and companies to lend their particular expertise to help solve problems and improve business practices. U.S. national average hourly rate: $60

Medical Coder

Health insurance companies and medical providers hire medical coders to ensure accurate and fast coding of patient visits, procedures, and related information to assist with medical billing. U.S. national average hourly rate: $18


Photographers are hired to visually bring out the best for clients, which may be small businesses, print and online publications, products, and many others. U.S. national average hourly rate: $16


Bringing an eye for details, proofreaders help educational publications, news outlets, book publishers, online media, and many other content producers spot errors and produce high-quality content. U.S. national average hourly rate: $18

Sales Representative

For a huge variety of products and services, sales representatives help bring in new business, upgrade existing customers, and save potentially lost clients. U.S. national average hourly rate: $15

Social Media Manager

Companies hire social media managers to help with marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. U.S. national average hourly rate: $16


Working with a variety of audio content, transcribers use speedy and precise typing skills to create written versions to accompany the audio for distribution. U.S. national average hourly rate: $15


Tutors are hired to help clients learn subjects like math, science, and languages, or to prepare for specific standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GMAT, LSAT, and others. U.S. national average hourly rate: $18

Virtual Assistant

Using a combination of skills, virtual assistants act as administrative and personal assistants for clients while working completely remotely. U.S. national average hourly rate: $16


Writers are hired to create content for everything from company websites and online media outlets to print publications and more. U.S. national average hourly rate: $20

Millennials, mid-career professionals, and older workers can all benefit from incorporating a “side hustle” into their work life. Some tips on how to land a side gig include understanding one’s transferable professional skills, honing in one’s skills and passions, and networking.

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