FlexJobs Members Balance Career Success and Caregiving


FlexJobs Members Balance Career Success and Caregiving


Being a caregiver certainly isn’t always easy. It often requires a full-time or even on-call commitment to help—something that isn’t really feasible if you also have a full-time office job. Whether it’s taking care of kids, helping out a sick family member, or caring for aging parents, caregiving and full-time, in-person roles don’t always mix.

At FlexJobs, we know how hard it can be to find flexible jobs that make work-life balance a reality. That’s why we’re here—to help you connect with a flexible job that supports your personal and professional goals. Many FlexJobs members have found flexible jobs that let them keep up with their caregiving responsibilities and hold a job, without creating more stress.

Here’s What Some Caregivers Have to Say About FlexJobs

Shannon M., Full-time Product manager with UnitedHealth Group

I wasn’t loving my job locally, so I was hunting for companies that offered telecommuting options. After finding FlexJobs, it was so easy to use the search options to pinpoint exactly the job I was looking for. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. I now have the flexibility to go to doctor’s appointments with him by arranging around my work schedule. I no longer feel ‘trapped’ due to the local job market. FlexJobs opened up a world of options!

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Lisa H., Freelance Scheduling Assistant for S&E Assistant Solutions

FlexJobs rocked my world! I can work from home as I have two elderly parents that need my supervision. Thank you for providing a trustworthy site!

Michelle S., Meeting Manager for BCD Travel

I’m so happy I found FlexJobs. I applied for 10 positions and had interviews with three companies before accepting the position. It’s a great, 100% remote position with a great company. Thank you so much! I can now cut the cost of my commute while having the flexibility to care for an aging parent.

Ronnie J., Full-Time Sales for iubenda

FlexJobs is changing lives. I’d known about this site for some time but kept putting it off. Finally, after some family concerns that needed more time than my 9-5 could bear, I decided to pay for a subscription, which will easily go down as one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. My income doubled, and I’m recognized for my talent. Most importantly, I have the flexibility to care for my loved ones. Keep up the great work!

Arlette C., Freelance Law Enforcement Transcriptionist for Net Transcripts

Using FlexJobs has been a great experience for me. If I’m looking for work again, I will definitely subscribe to FlexJobs. As a caregiver for my grandchildren, I enjoy the work-life balance. I’d recommend FlexJobs to anyone looking for legitimate work. 

Ben K., Full-time Dialogue Designer at Intrado (formerly West Corporation)

The ability to telecommute 100% and time-shift my hours as needed has been absolutely tremendous. I’m not spending hours each day on the road. I can stay checked in with my two little kids during the day. I can take my laptop outside and work while I watch the kids in the backyard. I can sweep or fold laundry while I’m on passive conference calls or watching professional development courses; basically, the other parts of my life don’t have to give way to the job the way they used to. I have so much more freedom, moment-to-moment, and it’s tremendous.

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Anne S., Full-time Senior Project and Partnerships Manager

As someone who prefers to work outside a typical office environment, I’ve always dreamt of a flexible job where I could work from home or anywhere in the world. I live halfway around the world from my elderly parents, so having a telecommute job that allows working from anywhere in the world will enable me to be with them more often and still work.

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Cathy M., Full-time Course Review Coordinator for Quality Matters

FlexJobs is invaluable! Because I was so picky about what I wanted in a position, it took me a year to find a job I was truly excited about, but I found my dream job! It’s a 100% telecommuting position in the education field with a semi-flexible schedule, full benefits, and great pay. Thank you! I can now care for my husband and cut my commute from my home in rural Illinois.

Create Your Own Success Story

No matter what kind of caregiver and employee you are, finding balance is an essential part of managing the stresses and expectations that holding multiple roles brings. Whether it’s part-time work, a fully-remote job, or a freelance position, consider a flexible job to help you achieve work-life balance. Learn how FlexJobs can help you find work flexibility.


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