FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe


For some people, working remotely means having the freedom to live anywhere and pursue their lifelong dreams. And luckily, there are plenty of international job opportunities for citizens of the world.

Whether you’re a U.S. citizen living abroad or a non-U.S. citizen living the expat life, FlexJobs has remote and flexible jobs for people no matter where they want to live and work!

Here’s What Some International FlexJobs Members Think

I like how on FlexJobs I can search for 100% remote jobs and not only get U.S.-based results. There are a lot of remote professionals globally who are looking for a reliable and versatile job-search platform.

– Eleni K. works for Collabora while living in Greece


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I was faced with a fairly difficult situation with a long-distance relationship. I was looking for a job that would allow me ultimate freedom, where I could be in any country in the world and earn money. Thanks to FlexJobs, I was able to find a 100% remote job that allows me to be based on the other side of the world with my partner. [A flexible job] can allow a huge work-life balance, whether you want more freedom to travel and explore, you don’t want to commute, or you’re a parent.

– Shaun B. works for Herrmann International while living in South Korea (read more of Shaun’s story)


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I am an Indian living in Mexico and in no way thought I was going to get hired because I heard that only U.S. citizens get hired through this portal. I took the chance anyway, and here I am, working with one of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley. FlexJobs changed my life! I can now work flexibly from home, save money, and travel whenever I want! Thank you, FlexJobs!

– Shinjini N. works for Toptal while living in Mexico (read more of Shinjini’s story)


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

Until I discovered FlexJobs, I thought getting to do a job I love on my terms was never going to happen, but this job will allow me to make my own schedule the way that suits my personality and my needs. I was reluctant to subscribe, despite the reasonable price, but it was worth every cent! Now I can live anywhere I want and take my work with me. With FlexJobs, you’ll get the best value for your money.

– Dimitri K. works for Scribendi while living in Turkey


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

FlexJobs really comes in handy when you’re looking for a job that’s 100% remote. I can now live in a rainforest in Brazil, knowing I earn as much as I would have in London.

– Ali B. works for Time Doctor while living in Brazil


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I moved to the Netherlands 15 years ago, got married, and had a child. I live in a village with very little to offer to a highly educated woman of a certain age, with no working experience in the Dutch market. I’ve been trying for 15 years to find a job here, with no results. I joined FlexJobs, and within a week, I found a flexible job with Appen. I have time for myself, for my house, and for my child, and I also earn money. This is an optimal situation.

– Dana L. works for Appen while living in The Netherlands


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I am currently in Italy, away from my home country, and I thought I would never be able to find a job that met my needs. I decided to give FlexJobs a go, and it was magical! Thanks a lot! FlexJobs is amazing if you actively use it! Fill your profile, take skills tests, and actively apply to jobs you fit! I found a job in a week! I never thought it was possible. Thank you. I am very grateful!

– Nicole C. works for PartnerHero while living in Italy


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I came to FlexJobs looking for remote jobs. I eventually came across Global Cynergies, [a company that] does business all over the world, which I needed due to my current location. It’s been a remarkable experience since I joined the company.

– Temitope A. works for Global Cynergies while living in Nigeria


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I’m located in Ecuador, so the job market here is very limited despite being bilingual and having a master’s degree. I was able to find a job through FlexJobs that gives me the flexibility I want and is almost nonexistent in the local job market. I earn a decent salary, and it’s something that I enjoy doing.

– Christine F. works for Cactus Communications while living in Ecuador


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

I am currently living abroad and working part-time as an English teacher. I wanted to get another part-time job, preferably one that I could telecommute. I found a job teaching English online after only a month of searching on FlexJobs. Thanks!

– Jessica P. works for EF – Education First while living in Estonia


FlexJobs Members Find Success Around the Globe 1

Live and Work Your Way

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