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As employers look for effective ways to assess candidates, companies are turning to pre-employment testing. These tests can be anything from aptitude tests to personality tests and psychometric tests.

But how can candidates prepare themselves for success and make a strong impression? That’s where JobTestPrep can help!

JobTestPrep is an online e-learning network and pre-employment test preparation company that helps job seekers prepare for interviews and pre-employment tests of nearly every kind. Founded in 1992, the company provides study guides, practice tests, and feedback. Their in-depth training can help you ace a pre-employment exam—no matter what kind of test it is.

Every user receives a learning toolbox that includes tips and tricks to help you master the test. Whether you’re preparing for a personality assessment, pre-employment qualification test, or licensing exam, study guides and practice tests give you plenty of opportunities to practice, build your confidence, and reduce your test-taking stress!

The guides explain how to approach each question, then analyze your answer to help you understand where you went right and where you can improve. Tests are available in multiple languages, and you can work on any device so you can practice anywhere, anytime.

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