FlexJobs Members Save on Vision Insurance with VSP


FlexJobs Members Save on Vision Insurance with VSP

The cost of annual eye exams, glasses, and contacts can add up.

Vision insurance is a way to balance the costs and ensure you’re receiving the best care you need.

Whether your employer doesn’t offer vision insurance, you’re unemployed, or you’re a freelancer needing to secure your own coverage, FlexJobs has partnered with VSP Individual Vision Plans to bring you exclusive savings.


VSP Individual Vision Plans are available to all individuals and their families who currently do not have vision coverage through an employer, are self-employed as a freelancer/contractor, or previously had vision insurance through VSP but coverage has changed to another carrier. VSP Individual Vision Plans are also a great option for folks who are at or nearing retirement and want to continue their doctor/patient relationship.

Save on Vision Insurance with VSP

FlexJobs members get $20 to spend on featured eyeglass frame brands when you become a VSP member!

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About FlexJobs’ Special Partner Offers

These exclusive members-only savings are negotiated by FlexJobs as an additional benefit for our members, and to provide valuable discounts on quality services and products that support a flexible job search, a better work-life balance, and other related topics.


As part of our Member Savings partnership with this company, we may receive a small compensation from transactions.

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