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Ever have a career or job search question and wish you could talk it over with someone? FlexJobs is here to help with a team of expert career coaches offering career coaching and resume reviews exclusively for FlexJobs members.

Whether you’re actively job searching, considering a career change, returning to the workforce, or otherwise focusing on the next steps in your career, the process can feel a bit lonely at times. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if you’re making the best choices or are on the right path. Luckily, meeting with a FlexJobs career coach has many benefits. We can help you:

  • Get answers to your job search and career development questions.
  • Find support in re-entering or transitioning in the workforce.
  • Have your resume reviewed and updated to current trends.
  • Practice interviewing over the phone or on video.
  • Get up to speed if you haven’t job searched in a while.
  • Gain confidence and set a plan of action that gets you where you want to go.
  • Figure out how to best present yourself to employers.
  • Walk away with specific, actionable advice, tips, and resources tailored to you.

Premium Career Guidance at a Significant Discount

Working with an independent career coach can be a smart, though often prohibitively expensive, investment in your career.

That’s why we offer members the special benefit of extremely discounted career coaching and resume reviews that are up to 50% off typical rates.

And because FlexJobs is all about flexible and remote work, our coaches specialize in the flexible and remote job search process. Our goal is to understand your situation, needs, and goals, and then help you be the best job seeker possible so that you’ll land a great flexible or remote job.

How Career Coaching at FlexJobs Works

Getting started is simple:

  1. Register for coaching.
  2. Complete an intake questionnaire.
  3. Schedule your session.

During your session, your coach focuses on: answering your questions, helping you clarify your goals, and strategizing your next steps. After your session, the career coach sends you a detailed follow-up email recapping what you’ve covered and recommending additional resources.

Who Can Benefit From Career Coaching?

Wondering if someone like you could benefit from career coaching? We’ve coached thousands of folks, including:

  • People whose professional lives have been affected by the pandemic
  • People changing careers or uncertain of where to focus in their job search
  • Stay-at-home parents returning to work
  • Caregivers trying to find work that fits their demanding schedules
  • People nearing retirement age who need or want to keep working
  • People with disabilities or health issues who need flexible work
  • Parents trying to find jobs that help them balance parenthood and career
  • Young professionals who want to work remotely as they begin their careers
  • Folks with breaks in employment and gaps on their resumes
  • And so many others!

What People Say About Career Coaching With FlexJobs

Our career coaching services have helped many job seekers find success. Here’s what some members have to say about their experience:

“Thank you so much for the great coaching session, resume edits, and helpful resources and tips! Our discussion and your attentive listening skills helped me to connect with and move through one of my biggest work search blocks, and I feel much more empowered in my work search now that I have a process.”

“My updated resume has helped me get two interviews. Yay. Thank you for your help.”

“My session was so helpful and I walked away from the conversation with a list of actionable steps that I plan to take to land a full-time remote job!”

“I was really impressed with my coach’s ability to understand my situation and to envision a solution that works for me. As a caregiver for a child and parent, my situation seems impossible to allow me to work but she saw the opposite. She also made me realize that my negative perception of my abilities are in contradiction with what others see. I feel so much better about this journey to find flexible and remote work so I can continue to care for those I love most—BECAUSE of my FlexJobs coach.”

How to Access Career Coaching Through FlexJobs

Already a FlexJobs member? Head to our career coaching services page for full details and to book a coaching session.

Our coaches work one-on-one with you to answer questions, provide guidance, and much more. Let our coaching team help get your job search on the right track.


Meet the FlexJobs Career Coaching Team >>>


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