Gross Things People Do in Offices and Why We Love Working from Home


14 Office Horror Stories That Make Us Glad We Work from Home

At FlexJobs, we appreciate our jobs—and the fact that we can work from home every day. And while there are obvious reasons to love remote work (no commute, having full control of the thermostat, etc.), we love the less obvious, too—like not having to air out our workplace after a coworkers’ daily lunch routine.

We also love hearing from FlexJobs members (and non-members) about what they think of remote work. Recently we asked our Facebook followers, “What’s the most annoying thing a coworker has ever done in an office?” And, well, let’s just say that we have at least 14 more reasons to love remote work.

Gross Office Stories That Make Us Glad We Work from Home

1. Were they at least on a paper towel or something?

“Take their Invisalign braces out and set it on the counter.” — Shannon

2. It’s time for a new cubicle.

“I had a guy who sat in the cubicle next to me constantly hocking loogies very loudly. Then he had the nerve to ask me to stop using Purell because he didn’t like the scent.” — Heather

3. How did he not learn his lesson the first time?

“Burn popcorn, setting off the fire alarm, causing the building to be evacuated. Twice.” — Bob

4. Why? Just why?

“Take off their winter boots and socks, then proceed to pick wet fuzz from their toes…up on the desk.” — Kristi

5. It was an all staff-meeting via phone. You just didn’t know it.

“Use speakerphone while sitting in a cubicle.” — Teresa

6. Maybe she thought you said “letter writing task”?

“Cry because she couldn’t complete a letter merging task after she told me in the interview that YES she knows how.” — Beckster

7. How? And, more importantly, why?

“Cooked raw fish in the toaster oven.” — Barbara

8. Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“Eat smelly eggs. Every morning.” — Jill

9. You’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. No one specifies how you get that water, though.

“My neighboring coworker crunches ice. ALL. DAY. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.” –Kristyn

10. At least it’s not ice.

“Snapping gum all day. Gross.” — Doreen

11. Buy him a gift certificate for a mani-pedi.

“I once had a coworker who would clip his toenails at his cubicle.” — Jerry

12. Sometimes, you do what you have to do.

“Stay in my workspace when I have asked them repeatedly to leave. So, I left.” — Nancy

13. Well, they never promised the job would be non-stop excitement.

“Fall asleep!” — Jennifer

14. Everyone knows this is just plain wrong.

“Stole my lunch.” — Sarah

Yes, these reasons (and so many more) are why we love remote work. So, readers, tell us what annoying things have your office coworkers done in the office? Think you can top these? Let us know in the comments!

And, when you’re ready to leave your popcorn-smelling, fish-reeking office behind, check out our job listings. We’ve got remote job listings in over 50 career fields. You’re bound to find a remote job, so you never have to worry about mystery lunch thieves again!


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