High-Paying Marketing Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely


High-Paying Marketing Jobs

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Marketing is more than catchy jingles and fun logos. While successful marketing strategies may include some quirks, there are typically many detailed intricacies that help drive engagement, which ultimately leads to customer acquisition, sales, and company growth.

Marketing is a broad category that lucrative potential, and many valuable skills are transferable to marketing from other fields. Furthermore, it’s also remote-friendly. So, if you’re looking for a high-paying marketing job that can also be done remotely, you may be in luck!

Types of Marketing Jobs

There is a wide variety of marketing roles. You can define marketing as the act or business of selling and promoting products, brands, or services. But, you’ll notice, the definition doesn’t include what you are selling, how you are selling it, or even where you are selling it. This means almost any “selling” job could be called a marketing job.

Even the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that most sales and management occupations under their “marketing cluster” are marketing jobs. This includes cashiers, real estate agents, models, travel agents, and every other job title you can think of that sells something.

Because there is such a range of job titles that are considered “marketing,” wages vary significantly. According to the BLS, median wages for marketing jobs in 2018 ranged anywhere from $18,690 to about $200,000. And while many of the entry-level jobs have entry-level pay, with enough experience, you can forge a career path that leads to a high-paying marketing job.

High-Paying, Remote-Friendly Marketing Jobs

Entry-level marketing jobs start at average entry-level pay, so don’t expect to earn big bucks right away. Most of the high-paying marketing jobs are at the manager level, so it may take several years before you’re ready to take on one of these job titles.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is in charge of the company’s marketing efforts. This includes outlining marketing projects and concepts, as well as creating the marketing budget. These professionals also analyze data to see how well their marketing efforts are working (or not) and change marketing plans as needed. They determine the demand for their products, as well as for their competitor’s products, and create a marketing plan to help them bring in the most customers and revenue. The BLS broadly categorizes this title. Some well-known marketing jobs that may fit under this umbrella include VP of Marketing, SEO Director, and others.

Earning Potential: The mean annual wage for marketing managers was $147,240 in 2018. However, some marketing managers earn as much as $197,00 a year, depending on their location and experience.

Public Relations Manager

The public relations field is projected to grow 8% between 2018 and 2028, and this growth will be due, in part, to social media and the need for people and companies to manage their “online image.” People in these roles develop corporate or brand identities, help their clients communicate with the public, and create effective promotional programs.

Earning potential: In 2018, the median wage for public relations managers was $144,800. Most managers have at least a bachelor’s degree, though some have a master’s degree. They also have years of experience.

Art Director

These individuals are responsible for the visual branding and design of a company’s identity and products. While many of them are self-employed, they can also work at marketing firms and agencies, in-house, or at publications.

Earning potential: Job growth is projected to move minimally. That said, the median salary in 2018 for art directors was $92,780. Experience as graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, or web development is common.

Content Marketing Director

Content marketing directors create and develop content strategies with a specific end goal in mind. Some content is created for brand awareness while other content drives users to a company’s website. Content can be used to help create paying customers or to generate interest in a new product.

Earning Potential: Content marketing directors have, on average, an annual salary of $168,700 a year.

The Road Map to Success

Marketing isn’t about selling as much as it is about creating the road map for how to sell something. And while it may take time before you can land a high-paying marketing job, you’ll learn plenty about marketing on your way up the career ladder.

We’ve got lots of marketing job listings for anyone who wants to get started on their marketing career today. But, we also have job listings for other high-paying remote jobs like medical writer, psychologist, or clinical trial manager. And the best part about all of these jobs is that they are flexible or fully remote—and sometimes both!


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