How Would or Does Work Flexibility Improve Your Summer?


How Would or Does Work Flexibility Improve Your Summer? 1

Work flexibility can make a world of difference in the lives of working parents at any point in the year, but especially so for the summer months. Many working parents know the struggle of needing to find child care in order to continue their careers. Faced with expensive daycares, summer camps, and sitters, many parents find it difficult to afford.

In fact, last year it was estimated that families would spend 20% of their summer income, or an average of $3,000, on child care during the summer. A study with New American found that almost half of surveyed parents said it’s somewhat or very hard to afford summer camp.

Along with the financial burden, summertime can also mean jam-packed schedules and needing to find time for family vacation. It can be hard to fit it all in and keep up with your work duties. Work flexibility, particularly remote jobs and flexible schedules, can be a great way meld your personal life with your work life.

For our June contest, we want to know how you think work flexibility would improve your summer, or how it does improve your summer if you’re already working flexibly. Your answer could win you one of 10 three-month FlexJobs memberships!

To get you started, here’s a few ways work flexibility could improve your summer and make life easier: being able to take your kids to summer camps or sports more easily with flexible hours; the ability to take a break to go on on a hike or spend some time outdoors; working your job remotely while on vacation; getting your work hours done early to take off an extra day or two each week; eliminating daycare by keeping an eye on kids while working from home; spending less on daycare without needing coverage for your commute; taking your lunch break with your kids at home instead of at your desk.

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How Would or Does Work Flexibility Improve Your Summer? 2


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