In Small Town With Few Tech Jobs, Man Turns to Remote Work


Man Loves Where He Works and Lives Thanks to Remote Work

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Working remotely means doing a job wherever you work best. That can be the coffee shop, the couch, or the public library. But just because your office is wherever you set up shop for the day, doesn’t mean your job is any more “safe” than an in-office job.

That’s what Drew F. found out when the startup he worked for faced funding issues and he found himself without a job. With a programming background, Drew has in-demand skills. However, living in a small town can present employment challenges, which means that even though Drew has worthwhile skills, he couldn’t find the jobs that would benefit from his experience. So, Drew joined FlexJobs in search of his next remote job.

Limited Job Options in a Small Town

In Small Town With Few Tech Jobs, Man Turns to Remote Work 1

Drew understands that while he has a desirable skill set and experience in software development, “living in a small town with limited job prospects” presents a challenge to his job search. “Technology jobs in my area are limited,” he says.

That’s why Drew focused his job search on remote employers. Not only is it his best option for finding a job, working remotely “is necessary for me.” Through FlexJobs, Drew found a full-time, remote job working for TrackAbout as a senior software developer, allowing him to “continue to live and work in the town and home that I love, which means the world to me.”

Using FlexJobs for a Remote Job Search

Drew feels that the cost of a FlexJobs membership is “a small price to pay,” compared to other job search methods. FlexJobs “cuts down on the noise of recruiters and expired, irrelevant jobs,” making his job search more effective and efficient.

The ability to sort jobs by their listing date was an indispensable part of Drew’s job search. Keeping track of when a job was posted helped Drew know if he would be one of the early applicants. And, being “first,” he found, was “the key to getting interviews.”

He also says that “keeping a super positive attitude even in the face of crisis was key in getting through the process.” But, what also helped were the daily emails FlexJobs sent him. He found they were full of “relevant jobs that matched my preferences.” This alone was “definitely worth the money because I saved so much time not applying to” irrelevant jobs.

Thanks to a FlexJobs membership and his new remote job, Drew can spend more time with his family and pets, work full-time at a job he enjoys, and live in the town he loves.


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