Military Spouses Thrive Professionally With Remote Work


Military Spouses Thrive Professionally With Remote Work


One of the reasons remote work is attractive to many job seekers is that you can take your job with you almost anywhere. That’s not to say that some remote positions don’t have location requirements. But, with many remote jobs, if you have to pack up and move, taking your job with you means you don’t have to quit doing something you love. Plus, you can advance your career and don’t have to start over at the bottom after every move.

If there’s any group that understands frequent moves, it’s military spouses. A change in orders frequently means a change in scenery. And while that can be exciting for some, it can mean putting your career on hold indefinitely—unless you work remotely.

With FlexJobs, military spouses can find jobs that are flexible, remote, and can move as many times as the family does. Here’s a sampling of several military spouses have have used FlexJobs to connect with remote opportunities!

Here’s What Some of Our Military Spouse Members Say About Finding Remote Jobs

Angela M., Business Development Account Manager, 7 Figure Automation

I always recommend FlexJobs and will always use it when needed. I’ve been telecommuting for 10 years. From entry-level to executive-level jobs, I can rely on FlexJobs every time. Especially as a military spouse, when I need a flexible, 100% telecommuting position, it’s easy to find something that fits my experience, role, and focus within a few weeks.

Ashley B., Central Talent Acquisition Specialist, Lowes

I am very thankful for FlexJobs. As a future military spouse, I know the trouble of finding employment when you’re moving every three to four years. FlexJobs helped me not only find a plethora of companies willing to work with remote employees, but I was able to get a great position with a very pro-military corporation. Thank you, FlexJobs!

Audrey F., Marketing Manager, Boldly

I began looking for a flexible, remote career when I married my husband, who was in the U.S. Army. His job requires frequent moves, and I needed a career that could move with me. As a military spouse, having a job that moves with you is a dream. It can be incredibly difficult to start over in your career each time the Army requires you to relocate. Better work-life balance and keeping my position throughout many moves have enabled me to grow within one organization, which has been wonderful.

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Danielle V., Training Specialist, InVision

With my husband being active-duty military, I knew a remote job would be the only way for me to pursue a stable career. I found the perfect job, and I’m so grateful I had FlexJobs to help me. For the price of a cheap lunch, you could potentially change your life. FlexJobs makes it possible to avoid work-from-home scams and find companies that fit your needs.

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Jennifer T., Executive Assistant to the CEO, First Factory

Within two weeks, I applied to less than 10 jobs on FlexJobs and got an interview for three jobs. I was hired for one that is a contract, short-term job, but with potential for full-time, permanent employment, which fits my needs perfectly as a career-oriented military spouse.

Jessica R., Executive Assistant, BELAY and VaVa Virtual Assistants

I’ve already recommended FlexJobs to many friends and family. Since I’m a military spouse, I love to pass along my success story to other spouses in my position so they can find remote work while holding down the home front and moving wherever the military takes us. It was a rough start at first, as I applied to many jobs and wasn’t getting any calls back. It wasn’t until I had my resume looked at by a FlexJobs career coach that I started getting calls and interview requests.

Angela M., Account Manager, Varsity Tutors

My significant other is in the military, so I was looking for a remote job that I can take anywhere. I had FlexJobs for a little over a month, but I decided to search and apply aggressively over the course of one week. Not too long after applying, I was interviewing. The day after my interview, I was offered the position! Thank you so much, FlexJobs!

Kate M., Project Coordinator, Aadmi Consulting

I needed a remote job based on my family’s military lifestyle. I wanted a job I could keep, not one I’d have for a couple of years, and then need to leave based on my family’s next government move. Thank you for a great service, FlexJobs.

Kylie S., Medical Scribe, AQuity Solutions

I’d been out of work for five years, and I finished my degree during that time, but I definitely lacked experience in my career. On top of my lack of experience, I’m a mom of three and a military spouse. I have a lot of cards to factor into my career. I’m happy to announce that FlexJobs’ resources helped me land an entry-level, career-building job. If you’re nervous or thinking you aren’t good enough, there are plenty of legit opportunities to set up your career.

A Job That Moves With You

Remote jobs make it possible for military spouses to grow a career and support the troops. Whether you’re a military spouse, you want to eliminate a commute, or you’re in search of work-life balance, a remote job can help you maintain your career no matter where you go.

FlexJobs members can log in anytime and search for remote and flexible jobs in one of 50 career categories. Not a member? Take the tour today and sign up to find the best remote job for you.

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