Tampa, FL – Product Service Engineer – Wilmington, OH


Summary Description Of Position

The Product Service Engineer provides technical support and expertise to the customer platform. The Product Service Engineer responds to customer issues, feedback, and maintenance. This position requires knowledge in the aircraft industry as it pertains to a customer based interface. The Product Service Engineer will support the final product as the aircraft is transitioned from shop floor to end product/aftermarket support.

Minimum Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering related fields, or aviation industry.
  • Associates degree in CAD Technology, or related technical field, or combination of.
  • Related work experience in the aviation industry.
  • Reviews engineering specifications, drawings, and schedules to determine cost quotes.
  • Track specific customer base information to generate potentially new engineering designs and approvals for overall system design and modifications.
  • May be required to prepare technical quotes for product development.
  • Coordinate FAA Airworthiness Directives (ADs) with FAA DER’s and the FAA.

Major Responsibility Areas and Duties:

  • Work as a bridge and communication base between customers and engineering; use customer feedback and sales information to advance engineering design, develop, and maintenance issues.
  • Analyze product or equipment specifications and performance requirements to determine design modifications and methods.
  • Ability to apply engineering principles, methods, and practices for product service.

Additional Duties:

  • Ability to effectively communicate in writing as well as verbally.
  • May be responsible for generating cost estimations and proposals.
  • Working knowledge in CAD/CAE software.

Physical Requirements and Environmental Conditions:

  • Normal office environment.
  • May be required to access areas of aircraft.
  • May work extended hours and/or weekends.
  • May travel overnight and/or on weekends.


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