The Most Surprising Remote Jobs of 2019


Surprising Flexible and Remote Jobs

Lots of misconceptions still exist about exactly what people who work from home, or have a lot of flexibility at work, do all day. That’s why we at FlexJobs compiled this list of the most surprising remote jobs during 2019—to show people the variety of professional-level, real flexible jobs that exist.

The jobs on this list were all fully remote jobs, but may have also been part-time, full-time, or even freelance. While many of these jobs are no longer available, we wanted to take a look back to showcase the most surprising remote jobs found by our team of job researchers over the year.

This list can serve as inspiration as you search for a remote job of your own. FlexJobs has over 50 career categories, and you can keep tabs on our Most Surprising Flexible Jobs page for even more unique remote jobs.

30 Most Surprising Remote Jobs of 2019

Anatomic Pathologist

This veterinary role provided quality pathology/diagnostic services for clients and provided follow-up consultations.

Android Photographer Professional

This role for an Android enthusiast made recommendations, collaborated with the team, talked about features, showcased photography, and tested new camera modes.

Audio Producer

The audio producer developed and produced educational programming on various topics, oversaw all phases of audio course production, coordinated interviews, and managed recording sessions.

Billing Specialist

Working full-time from home, the billing specialist developed billing processes, managed portals for customers, and processed payments.

Certification and Exam Designer

This position constructed tests and interpreted results in order to assess a person’s intelligence, general skills, or specific product use capability from a practical, vocational, and functionality perspective.

Content Engineer – Taxonomist

The taxonomist content engineer designed and implemented taxonomies and developed training materials.

Demo Script and Content Writer

This script writing position wrote personalized narration and commercial scripts for voice-over demos.

Digital Librarian

The tasks of the digital librarian included serving as a liaison between the organization and vendors, assigning appropriate metadata for assets, managing a digital asset system, and archiving assets as needed.

Digital Painter

A digital painter with Photoshop mastery, color and lighting sense, and volume and three-dimensional space proficiency was needed for an interactive storytelling platform.

Educational Advisor

A public radio station was hiring an education advisor to advise on an animated children’s television series.

Foreign Language Biomedical Indexer

This role handled the intellectual analysis of journal articles for subject matter and the application of appropriate subject terms drawn from the agency’s controlled vocabulary.

Game Marketing Artist

A game marketing artist was responsible for generating and developing creative design ideas, supporting marketing needs, and making iterations.

Hotel Sales and Catering Tester

The mystery tester worked to test sales and catering managers from their home office via telephone and wrote reports evaluate their selling skills.

Immigration Paralegal

This virtual job provided support to attorneys in an immigration law office by preparing motions and supporting documents and preparing applications for immigration.

Licensed Architect – ARE Study Group Coach

An experience and licensed architect prepared and lead meetings, served as point of contact, and lead architects through exams.

Movies Writer

This job wrote about all different kinds of movies, from blockbuster releases to independent films, for an entertainment site.

Outdoor Gear Tester

An outdoor gear tester was needed to use and photograph gear during testing trips, research products, and prepare detailed reviews.

Paralegal – Corporate Law

This virtual job assisted clients with projects involving review of corporate documents, creating and editing cap tables, and updating software.

Script/Book Reader

Using a film/TV background, this role read scripts and books for review. This was a freelance role.

Sign Language Instructor

This part-time, remote job taught sign language in a virtual setting for school students.

Snapchat Ad Designer

The ad designer created animated ads to be used on a social media platform, using an understanding of color, balance, and movement.

Spaceship Physics Developer

Using physics engine development experience, this role developed rigid body simulation, wrote fast multi-threaded code using Unity DOTS, and integrated features.

STEM Content Moderator

Moderating online problem-solving discussions, removing non-constructive posts, encouraging constructive posts, and guiding discussions were some duties of this job.


A virtual radiologist provided IT and clinical assistant support using an in-house developed PACS designed specifically for teleradiology.

Transplant/Bariatric Nurse

This role provided utilization/medical management and case management services for members receiving transplant services.

TV Streaming QA Tester

The QA tester conducted testing on TV streaming devices, participated in test runs, and identified issues.

Veterinary Cardiologist

The animal cardiologist was responsible for facilitating online and phone-based client consultations, making recommendations, monitoring care, and answering inquiries.

Video Curriculum Developer

This remote job developed training curriculum for video post-production products, updated video curriculum, and maintained up-to-date knowledge of industry trends.

Visual FX and Post-Production Artist

An experienced visual artist adjusted the final tone, applied effects, and animated 2D elements for games.

Words Picture Collector

This job helped to improve a machine learning-based platform by taking photos of items containing words in a specific language, such as book covers, receipts, and restaurant menus.

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