Tips for Job Searching During the Holidays


Should You be Job Searching During the Holidays?

The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many people, it’s also the busiest.

If you happen to be job searching during the holidays, you may think that means the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are a perfect time to take a break from your job search. But in reality, the opposite may be the case.

For a variety of reasons, this could be the perfect time to ramp up your job-seeking efforts.

Here are some good reasons to think about job searching during the holidays.

Job Searching During the Holidays

Companies Are Hiring

You may think that businesses are focused on things other than recruiting right now, but take a quick look at the job postings, and you’ll realize that’s not the case. In fact, many companies are extremely active in the job market during the holidays, as they’re looking to fill open positions so they can start the new year at full strength.

With most year-end budgets closed out and new year budgets set, many companies know exactly how much they can afford to pay new hires, and they know where to fill in gaps left throughout the past year as well. They may even need to spend the rest of their budget before the new year, meaning hiring before January 1 becomes a priority.

And, with lots of employees taking PTO time, a company may be eager to bring new employees on board before the holidays in order to help keep up with tasks.

Less Competition

If others with your skills and training decide to temporarily shelve their job searches during the holidays, that could clear the path for you. With fewer competing resumes, yours will more easily rise to the top.

And if you’re available for an interview this time of year, you could be more likely to get one. Also, showing that you’re willing to keep plugging along while others are taking a break may be seen by potential employers as a sign of your strong work ethic.

Holiday Party Networking

Even people who don’t like the schmoozing aspects of looking for work are bound to end up at a party or two during the holidays. Don’t dwell on your holiday job search while enjoying these festivities, but also don’t be afraid to talk about your situation to friends and acquaintances. You might just make a connection with someone who can help you land your dream job in the new year.

More Free Time

This tip comes from a Forbes article. “If you’re looking for a job and currently employed, this time of year will likely open up some free time due to the holidays,” the article says. “Rather than using all the extra weekday hours to sit back and relax, make your days off productive by using them to look for jobs. It might not seem like a fun idea now, but you’ll be glad you did when your job search comes to an end sooner than expected.”

Keep the Momentum Going

You’ve likely developed some productive job-seeking routines during the last few months, and it’s wise to keep on moving. “If you slow down your job search over the holidays, it could make it difficult to get back into the swing of things once you restart it,” says an article from Undercover Recruiter. “By continuing your hunt, you’ll keep the momentum going and won’t miss out on any opportunities that arise during this time.”

Seasonal Jobs Abound

If you’re job searching during the holidays, look for a temporary gig at a company you love, and it could give you the upper hand in landing a permanent position there.

While some companies that hire seasonal and holiday jobs only need temporary help, many decide to hire on their seasonal workers. Stand out and make a good impression to improve your chances.

If You Don’t Job Search During the Holidays

Job searching during the holidays won’t be for everyone. Maybe you’re just simply too busy, you want to prioritize quality time with family, or it’s not absolutely necessary to get a job at the moment.

Whatever the case, spend time on other areas of your job search to put you in a good position to pick it back up when you’re ready.

Organize Your Info

You’ve likely got copies of your cover letters saved everywhere, and dates and reminders scribbled on notebooks. Consider using the holidays to get these things in order. Having an organized job search can help you keep track of everything and avoid any mistakes like accidentally following up with the same recruiter twice in the same week.

Spreadsheets can be your saving grace, allowing you to note every job you’ve applied for, any correspondence or interviews had, and contact info needed. Try organizing your computer documents into folders as well for easy updating and emailing.

Update Your Documents

Speaking of documents, in lieu of searching for jobs, now is a great time to update your resume and cover letters. Have any new tasks or skills you can add to your resume? Have you always wanted to reword a section of your cover letter? Now is the time to get in there and tweak everything to perfection.

Overhaul Your Personal Brand

Do you have a personal brand? Otherwise known as your career image or reputation, having a cohesive personal brand during a job search will help position you as a top candidate. If your expertise is in nonprofit marketing, how do your social media profiles and your resume and cover letter convey this?

Are you on Twitter interacting with other marketers and sharing related articles to your industry? Do you have a website that defines your passion and mission? Get these details sorted out and create a consistent brand to help expedite your job search in the new year.


‘Tis the season to give back! Volunteer opportunities are easy to come by during the holidays as organizations of all stripes need people to help out. And while it’s better to give than to receive, you will gain the ability to put your volunteer work on your resume.

Once you’re back to job searching, you’ll have an improved resume to help you land a job.

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