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While the beginning of March 2020 started strong for jobs and job seekers, by the end of March, millions of people were out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. Collectively, the job market is struggling right now by almost any measure. However, through our jobs database, we noticed that some industries were posting more open jobs throughout March.

Our team analyzed new job postings from March to determine which industries and career fields were actively posting the most job openings during the month.

The Data

Our team examined the entire FlexJobs database to find the career categories and subcategories that had an increase in open jobs posted during March 2020. This “wide net” means we didn’t only look at 100% remote jobs. We looked at all of the open positions employers posted. That means every kind of flexible job—hybrid jobs (part in-office, part remote), freelance jobs, and part-time jobs, to name a few—were included in the analysis.

We’ve identified the top 15 highest growth career fields based on the percent increase of job postings placed on FlexJobs’s website in March 2020.

Note: This article gets updated at the beginning of every month, with data about industry hiring trends for the previous month. 

Top 15 Highest Growth Flexible Career Categories in March 2020

1. Therapy

Therapy jobs are wide-ranging and use a variety of methodologies to treat mental and physical health conditions and ailments. Industries like medical and health, human services, nonprofit and philanthropy, education and training, and pharmaceutical all have openings for therapy jobs.

Percent increase in March 2020: 84%

Companies that hire for therapy jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • School Psychologist
  • Mental Health Coach

2. Mortgage and Real Estate

Buying or selling a property can be a complex process, so people normally seek out the assistance of a real estate agent or mortgage company to help handle things. Real estate and mortgage careers involve the transfer of properties (residential and commercial) between parties, often managing financial, legal, and insurance aspects of this process.

Percent increase in March 2020: 55%

Companies that hire for mortgage and real estate jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Consumer Loan Underwriter
  • Real Estate Legal Assistant
  • Mortgage Loan Processor

3. Banking

Banking Jobs are wide-ranging and include any job performed in a bank or bank-like institution such as a mortgage lender. Banking jobs are found in the accounting, finance, and bank industries, as well as mortgage lending, insurance, credit cards, nonprofit organizations, and information technology.

Percent increase in March 2020: 52%

Companies that hire for banking jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Credit and Loan Application Processing
  • Business Support Consultant 2 – Bilingual Enterprise Complaints
  • Accounts Payable Clerk

4. Bookkeeping

Work opportunities for bookkeepers come from a variety of industries such as nonprofit, sales, small business, art and creative, client services, and of course, accounting and finance. An aptitude for organized and detailed work, and math and computer skills are essential for bookkeepers.

Percent increase in March 2020: 47%

Companies that hire for bookkeeping jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Staff Accountant
  • Accountant

5. Nursing

Nursing and RN careers are one of the jobs that are in high demand right now. This demand continues to grow as people’s healthcare and medical needs continue to grow.

Percent increase in March 2020: 40%

Companies that hire for nursing jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Registered Nurse – RN – PAH Educator
  • Pediatric Field Case Manager
  • Nurse Practitioner – Physician Assistant

6. Auditing

Auditing Jobs are typically found in the accounting and finance fields. Auditors evaluate a variety of things, from contracts to bank records to processes and projects. In addition to accounting and finance, auditing jobs are found in industries like healthcare, military and defense, education, nonprofit, technology, hospitality, insurance, retail, and other areas.

Percent increase in March 2020: 37%

Companies that hire for auditing jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • CPA US Expat Tax Preparers
  • Senior Business Enterprise Risk and Control
  • Internal Auditor

7. Insurance Claims

Claims is a specific division of the insurance industry. Responsible for accepting, processing, and making decisions on insurance claims, people with claims jobs support a range of needs including property insurance, casualty insurance, auto insurance, healthcare and dental insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, and credit insurance, among others.

Percent increase in March 2020: 33%

Companies that hire for insurance claims jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Collections Specialist
  • Quality Auditor, Registered Nurse
  • Medicare Secondary Payer Associate

8. Medical Case Management

Whether in the medical or mental health industries, case management is a crucial part of the health professions. The responsibilities held by people in the case management field encompass the entirety of patient cases, including tasks like initial assessment, addressing mental and medical needs, coordinating services for patients, acting as an advocate, collaborating with different service providers, and more.

Percent increase in March 2020: 32%

Companies that hire for medical case management jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • Case Manager, Telephonic Nurse 2
  • Care Manager – Bilingual

9. System Administration

System Administrators are responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of networked and cloud-based systems used by companies large and small.

Percent increase in March 2020: 23%

Companies that hire for systems administration jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Junior DevOps Consultant
  • Systems Administrator
  • Remote Infrastructure Engineer – Lead Administrator

10. Translation

As business is becoming more global, the demand for professionals who can work as translators to bridge the communication gap between cultures and businesses is immense. This is especially important for companies that operate internationally or that have operations in other countries where associates must live and work.

Percent increase in March 2020: 23%

Companies that hire for translation jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Teacher for the Visually Impaired
  • Linguist – Chinese, Russian, Spanish
  • Search Engine Evaluator – Multiple Language

11. K-12 Education

K-12 Teachers and Educators provide educational services for students from ages 5-19. These special K-12 Teachers are generally experts in one or more subject areas and have the training to assist students with learning key concepts and difficult subjects.

Percent increase in March 2020: 22%

Companies that hire for K-12 education jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Director
  • Social Studies Teacher

12. Database Administration

Jobs in the category cover career fields like database management, warehousing, architecture, and administration. Database administration professionals have extensive knowledge of SQL and specific database servers from Oracle, Postgres, Mysql, or NoSql, and need to maintain current DBA certifications.

Percent increase in March 2020: 22%

Companies that hire for database administration jobs

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Senior Marketing Data Scientist – Enterprise
  • Remote Infrastructure Engineer – Lead Administrator
  • Database Administrator

13. Inbound Calls

Inbound calling is a particular form of customer service in which telephone professionals promptly take incoming calls from customers either online or by way of an internal calling system. The inbound calling staff then listens to the callers, evaluate their needs, and offer services or support to provide for their needs or answer their questions.

Percent increase in March 2020: 18%

Companies that hire for inbound calls jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Bilingual Spanish Telephonic – Care Navigator
  • Computer Help Desk Technician
  • Call Center Representative

14. Online Teaching

Online Teaching professionals provide learning opportunities over the internet to students of all ages. Opportunities to teach online include jobs with public and private elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country.

Percent increase in March 2020: 17%

Companies that hire for online teaching jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Online ESL Teacher
  • Adjunct Instructor – Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Associate Faculty – Real Estate Studies

15. Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical jobs are plentiful as the medical and healthcare industries continue to demand professionals who understand medicine and drug formulations to help patients overcome diseases and ailments. Pharmaceutical jobs range from clinical trial associates to highly trained Pharmacist roles.

Percent increase in March 2020: 13%

Companies that hire for pharmaceutical jobs:

Recent job postings on FlexJobs:

  • Data Management EDS – 3
  • Clinical Team Lead, Site Relationship and Feasibility
  • Senior Project Manager, Oncology

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