Up to 50% Off FlexJobs Memberships for Labor Day


Up to 50% Off FlexJobs Memberships for Labor Day

Would having more control over when, where, or how you work make your life better?

Whether you’re interested in working from home, having a flexible schedule, freelancing, or working part-time (or a combo of any/all of those!), FlexJobs has you covered.

In honor of this Labor Day, FlexJobs memberships are up to 50% off.


Searching for available flexible jobs shouldn’t mean you need to spend hours and hours sifting through big job boards to find the handful of truly flexible jobs that are right for you.

At FlexJobs, we offer a better way to search for flexible jobs. Our team of trained job researchers spends over 100 combined hours each day scouring the web to find, screen, and post hundreds of legitimate, professional-level flexible jobs.

As a FlexJobs member, all you’ll need to do is log into your account, browse high-quality jobs that match your career field and flexible work preferences, and then focus most of your energy on crafting excellent applications!

Take advantage of the FlexJobs Labor Day deal

Now through September 4, use the promo code “LABOR” when you register for FlexJobs to save up to 50% on a FlexJobs membership:

  • 50% off a 30-day subscription ($7.50, down from $14.95)
  • 40% off a three-month subscription ($17.95, down from $29.95)
  • 30% off a one-year subscription ($34.95, down from $49.95)
  • Use this promo code on FlexJobs gift certificates, too!

What do you get with a membership to FlexJobs?

Job search instant gratification.

Instead of spending endless hours digging through the junk, ads, and scams for the “needles in the haystack”—the good jobs—delegate that to us! Then, just log in and have instant access to the best remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible schedule jobs.

The best variety of professional and flexible jobs.

We list tens of thousands of jobs in over 50 career categories, full-time to freelance, entry-level to executive. FlexJobs has something for nearly everyone.

Protection from online job scams and fraud.

This can’t be understated: scammers are smart, they are aggressive, and unfortunately, they’re often quite good at what they do. Trust our trained team to hand-screen the jobs for you and remove any jobs that aren’t legitimate or professional-level.

No ads, no scams, no clutter…just good jobs.

We don’t have any annoying ads, scams promising you a million dollars for only a week of work, or confusing advertorials trying to sell you questionable products. We’re not fans of that stuff, and we’re guessing that you aren’t either.

Great customer support.

When you contact us, you’ll actually connect with an honest-to-goodness real person from our team who truly wants to help you make your FlexJobs experience a productive and positive one.

Go to the FlexJobs registration page and use the promo code “LABOR” for up to 50% off your subscription!


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