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When you find yourself unexpectedly working from home and your kids are there, it’s a whole new ball game. At FlexJobs, our parent staffers are learning this as we go just like you, and we want to share the best tools, tips, and resources we’ve found.

Though your normal routine has been upended, you are not alone! FlexJobs wants to support you through the challenge of parenting and working under the same roof.

Watch this webinar on how to effectively work from home with young kids and download a PDF copy of the slides for all the details.

What You’ll Learn

  • Options for designing your workday around your kids’ schedules.
  • How to talk to your employer about your situation (see below for scripts!).
  • Activities and screen time options for independent play.
  • Where to find resources and support online.
  • Audience ideas and suggestions

Watch the Webinar Recording

Scripts for Talking with Your Boss and Coworkers About What You Need

To talk with your boss or coworkers:

I want to share my current reality to give everyone a good understanding and try to stay ahead of any potential problems.

To ask for more flexibility:

I’d like to get a good sense of what my flexible work options are right now. The more I’m able to shift my schedule, the better I’ll be able to meet work priorities and stay productive during this time.

For the beginning of meetings:

As is the case with a lot of you, I’m working from home and caring for my ____ and ___ year old kids. I wanted to give you a heads up that I may get interrupted during our call but I’ll let you know, mute myself, deal with the situation, and jump back in.

Succeeding With Remote Work

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About Our Presenter

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Brie Reynolds is the Career Development Manager for the career coaching program at FlexJobs and she’s been working remotely full-time for more than 10 years (though only with her two children, ages 6.5 and 20 months, for three weeks!). With nearly 15 years of experience working with job seekers and employers, Brie and her team help people find flexible and remote jobs through career advice writing, webinars, and coaching. Before joining FlexJobs in 2010, Brie was a career advisor for college students and alumni. Brie holds an M.S. in Human Resources Management, is a certified resume writer, and is a member of the National Career Development Association.

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Brie Weiler Reynolds is the Career Development Manager and a career coach and resume writer at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for remote, flexible schedule, and freelance job listings. She provides practical information and resources to help people overcome their roadblocks…Read More >

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