What Does Your Path to Career Success Look Like?


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The professional world is chock-a-block with catchy metaphors for career growth and development. Climbing the corporate ladder. Breaking the glass ceiling. Hitting a career plateau. Honing your craft. Taking a golden parachute. Not to mention traveling on a path to career success, going on a career journey, and winding up at a career crossroads.

And now, thanks to a comic by Grant Snider at IncidentalComics.com (where, incidentally, you can find even more thoughtful and funny comics like, “Advocacy for Animals Ignored by Children’s Books” and “Play Each Day like Jazz”), we have a great visual of the different paths to success.

At one time or another, we’ve probably been on almost all of these types of paths. While it might be nice to find the meteoric or meditative path to career success, it’s more likely that we’ve stumbled across paths that are linear, diverging, perhaps maddening, and certainly serpentine.

Which Ones Most Closely Resemble Your Career Path?

Are you happy with your career trajectory, or would you rather try out a new career path? Perhaps a path with more flexibility? Maybe something uncharted or mythical? Eh?

You see where we’re going with this….

Career Paths: Paths to Success by Grant Snider

Finding Work Flexibility Along the Way

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